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2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards

//2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards

2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards

This is it everyone, the ABI 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards!!

We are so excited to share the most loved bathroom designs of the year.  You’ll see the best of the best bathrooms, not just from Australian Designers, but from Designers across the globe.

There are sure to be some of your favourites on here, with some surprises along the way!

Harder than you Think

Here at ABI, we live and breathe interiors!  Especially bathroom design, it’s been our passion since day one…So when we had to sit down and choose the finalists for our inaugural Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards for 2019, it wasn’t an easy task.

Designing a bathroom is one of the hardest things to do in the design world.  There are so many intricate and important details that require so much skill and knowledge.  And this is why we found it so difficult to choose the best of the best, because there are so many talented creatives out there.

We had a great mix of top architects, designers and stylists, along with some clever home renovators that have created something special.

See if your favourite designer (or your own bathroom!) made it onto our list!!


Okay, let’s kick it off with one of our very favourite bathroom designs of 2019!  And it seems the love for this bathroom has been felt around the globe.  It was a huge hit on Insta, and has been featured in many a magazine.

We just adore the natural light, scale and overall design.  Having that oversized round soaking tub as the showstopper, transformed this space and created unbelievable impact!

Finished off with gorgeous, soft styling, it’s easy to see why this bathroom has been on the top of many people’s wish list!


One of the hardest things to do is design is a classic white bathroom.  But when you have the experts from @the_stables_ on your side, it’s sure to be a winner.

The minimal space is finished to perfection.  By placing a skylight above the shower and allowing an influx of natural light, it enhances the sense of height.

The inclusion of stone floor tiles also brings a natural element into the space and compliments the on-trend finger tiles perfectly.  Finished off with defined, proportioned styling elements, it was always going to be on our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards list!


Another hit with our followers was this stunning space by @tolkointeriors  We know that all of our fave elements are here – blush, terrazzo, brushed brass – and it seems that they are on your hot list as well!

With a modern, structured feel, it incorporates retro materials and styles, but catapults them into 2019 with a current vibe.

The inclusion of the lit arched mirrors provides some relief from the square angles, and also draws your eye up, so you can admire the full scale of those high ceilings.

We sure can imagine getting ready for a cocktail party in this glamorous space!


We always find it hard to describe this bathroom…sure, it’s a modern Cali-Coastal style, but it really is more of a feeling we get when we look at this space.

It’s relaxed, soft and dreamy.  The minty green palette was a perfect choice and works well due to the generous proportion of the space.  By incorporating a timber & rattan custom vanity and round concrete basins, creates balance and breaks up the en masse use of tiles.

We also love the inclusion of brushed brass hardware to add a touch of glamour!  Maybe if we left some clothes, shoes and toiletries there, they wouldn’t even notice we’d moved in??


Floor to ceiling Terrazzo, classic VJ panels, warm walnut cabinetry and finished off with gunmetal details – what else is there to think about!  This one was a no-brainer and was always going to be included in our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards…

We are blessed to have the highly skilled and talented @petabeech as part our team.  Her design and styling is modern-coastal, and always receives loads of appreciation by our followers.

This stunning design explores the understated luxury that comes with using modern materials to create a light-filled, relaxed space.  She consistently transforms homes and bathrooms into a warm, detailed spaces that we just adore!

@sydesign_sydney & @lot1design

Honestly, do we even need to talk about this one – just take a look at it!

If there is anyone on the planet that doesn’t LOVE this bathroom, we’ll be shocked…who wouldn’t love to wake up to this every morning.  What a way to start the day!

We fell head over heals for this space.  With it’s bright, modern vibe.  It feels like a little sanctuary away from the urban jungle.  The balance within the space is sublime, and we admire the oversized window at the end of the bathroom that draws you into the space.

It’s so effortless and we love the little touch of glamour with the pretty pink modesty curtain!

We’d be late to work every day, cause we wouldn’t want to leave this space!


Welcome to our first indoor/outdoor bathroom!  We loved this concept, especially with the transition from inside to outside being so deliberate.

With it’s bold, black framed doorway and the exposed brick, you can’t help but want to go outside and experience it…

The timber accents, cascading greenery and the exposed brass tapware were a considered choice this space.  Creating that feeling of being at one with nature, we think it would almost feel like you’re on holiday everyday when you take a shower here.

With natural light flooding the shower, it’s hard to go past this design if you’re considering an indoor/outdoor concept for your next bathroom.


Aaahhhh, we never knew we wanted this bathroom until @decus_interiors created it.  We NEED these beautiful textured tiles and and two-toned pink and white floor tiles.

There is definitely a theme in our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards.  Have you noticed the natural light element? And this bathroom has that in spades, with the considered inclusion of a skylight, just what this space needed…

And the custom arched shower screen completes the design to perfection!  Brushed brass hardware and accessories are the icing on the cake, and break up the subdued colour palette just nicely.


Modern Elegance were the first words that popped out when we were reviewing this little number.

It showcases exactly how much bathroom design has evolved, and 2019 has been an exciting year in the design world.  Wetspaces, freestanding bathtub, double showerheads, this is living!

The monochrome palette is softened by the skylight and inclusion of natural light.  And the orientation of the space is pure genius.  When you walk in the door, the first thing you see is that showstopping bathtub bathed in streaming sunlight.

Can we move in pleeease??


If you’re looking to create an urban oasis in your next bathroom renovation or design, you may want to check out what @figr_architecture have done here.

A true Day-Spa vibe has been created, making this bathroom a destination all on it’s own!  The oversized picture window, filled with topical plants just makes you want to fill that tub, pour a glass of wine, and relax.

And the exposed rafters and introduction of timber elements also creates an organic feel to the space.  With it’s generous floorplan, it is the best layout to focus on the gorgeous garden and natural light.  We just adore the vibe of this bathroom!


Okay, so it’s not technically a full bathroom, but we couldn’t help but include this indulgent powder room by @katewalker_design

Royal Blue, Marble and Brushed Nickel tapware, it was an easy choice to include this in our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards really!

The oversized marble vanity looks right at home, as it is softly enveloped by the bold VJ walls.  A break from the intensity comes from the stunning timber flooring and cute white dome pendant.

Such a clever, elegant design…


It wouldn’t be a design award without at least one @arentpykestuido submission!

Always bringing us carefully considered and understated spaces, they understand how to use space to it’s full potential.

This generous space explores elegance in a restrained way. The elevated freestanding bathtub is the showstopper in this design.  The step-up makes entering the bath/shower zone, an experience!

The use of various materials and textures is design perfection.  Softened by the timeless natural timber flooring, and sheer curtains, this space is effortless.

AND Stylish as always!!


Well what do we have here…one of our favourite spaces in the world, in one of our favourite places in the world!

If you haven’t heard of @byron_beach_abodes, consider yourself informed haha.  After one look at this bathroom,  you too will be dreaming of a night here.

You’ll feel like you are at one with nature in this warm, paired back space.  The oversized round soaking tub is the definition of luxury, and you may stay there for your entire trip!

But seriously, the use of natural light and organic fabrics and textures is what creates a relaxed, cohesive vibe for this stunning bathroom…


The ladies from @zephy_and_stone are consistently creating stunning spaces, and this one is no exception.

With a minimal and restrained palette, it’s easy to feel the calmness exuding from this space.  Softened by the gorgeous custom curved cabinetry and round basins, the interest is introduced by the bold, matte black accessories.

Again, the introduction of natural light by means of a recessed skylight, creates an airy feel.  We also adore the symmetry of the space which gives the generous floorplan some balance.

Literally can’t wait to see your next bathroom design!


When the design brief is modern, mid-century luxe, this is precisely what comes to mind…

This image stopped us in our tracks when it first popped up on Insta, and we can’t stop crushing on it!  Honestly, where do we even begin?

Custom cabinetry, terrazzo, copper hardware and mirrors galore, it’s quite literally the bathroom of many a girls dream!

This indulgent looking space is not only stunning, but extremely practical.  However, we can’t help but imagine getting glammed up for a special event in this elegant bathroom.

We’ve saved this one into the “Dream Bathroom” file!


The dynamic team from @threebirdsrenovations are at it again, creating lust-worthy bathrooms for us all to drool over!

Their latest design for 2019 is so cute and quirky, we decided it should definitely score a nod in our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards!

Crisp white walls and vanity give the space a perfect base to balance out the graphic blue & white feature tiles.  The introduction of plantation shutters giving you a holiday vibe, and we love all that natural light!

Finished off with cute little styling details, like the bronze bird legged side table, it’s true to the Three Birds Renovations signature style xo


If you’ve been fortunate enough to spend a night at The Calile Hotel in Brisbane, you will understand why their bathrooms have made it into our Top 20.

Arches, marble and brushed brass have been our life in 2019, and the Calile delivers these in spades.  What you may not know is that @richardsandspence are the Architects behind the design of this amazing precinct.  It’s extremely hard to explain just how this space makes you feel.

Understated, luxurious, restrained and detailed – we think these four words begin to describe it!


If you can’t already tell, we’re suckers for a generous, light-filled bathroom, and that’s why this stunning design made the edit in our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards…

Each and every element has been carefully chosen and considered for the space.  And the introduction of the timber benchseat is genius!  It creates such depth and allows the eye to travel the full length of the wall, creating the illusion of even more space.

It feels relaxed, yet refined, and that’s no mean feat!  With gorgeous terrazo flooring and sage high gloss feature tiles, this bathroom design is pure perfection!


Surely you’ve noticed the other theme that been running throughout this entire lineup – terrazzo, arches, blush and brass!!

So it makes sense that we were drawn to this little beauty by @vevebysammijayne  honestly, this bathroom design is simply one of our favourites of all time.

There’s something about having a bathtub beside a large window, don’t you think?  Maybe it’s because you can lay back and relax and admire not only the view outside, but the rest of your stunning bathroom!

All we know, is that we LOVE the feeling we get when we see this space…


If you want understated luxury as the vibe for your next bathroom, then you should probably save this one for your mood board.

@mckimm consistently design stunning, modern homes and bathrooms, and this is one of our faves.  The balanced double vanity and mirrors are highlighted by the huge floor to ceiling picture window.

And what’s a bathroom design from 2019 without marble and matte black details?  Creating privacy and a timeless design detail by using a fluted glass shower screen was the perfect choice in this space.

To anchor the whole space, that custom matte-black towel rail is PERFECT!  This team understands the true meaning of Design…

First, Second, Third

Okay, so while we have shown you our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards, we didn’t want to have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place etc – because we truly love them all!

2019 has been an exciting year in not only bathroom design, but the design & styling world in general.  It’s so amazing to see so many people creating things that they love on a daily basis, and we are lucky enough to be part of that world.

We love bringing you the best designs and creations through our products, so you can go ahead and create the bathrooms of your DREAMS!

Drop us a comment and let us know if you loved our 2019 Top 20 Bathroom Design Awards!  Did your fave designer make it on our list?  Or was your own bathroom on our list??  Let us know what you think…

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