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2020 Colour Trends You Need to Know About

//2020 Colour Trends You Need to Know About

2020 Colour Trends You Need to Know About

Just like fashion, homewares and hair, colours trend as well.

We’re getting ready for a big year of colour in 2020, and you’ll see some colours coming back that you didn’t even know you have been missing.

Like any trend, there will sure to be something you like.  We’ll show you what we predict is going to be huge next year, and give you some inspiration along the way.

Be prepared for us to show you some new and improved colour palettes that will have you calling your interior decorator a-sap!

Colour Therapy

Colours are a funny thing, you either love a colour or you don’t, simple as that!  It’s such a personal thing…You might love a colour for a certain reason, like it brings back a childhood memory of curtains you had growing up.  Or you felt amazing wearing a certain coloured shirt, or it reminds you of a sunset in Spain.

Whatever the reasoning, colour evokes memories, emotion and feeling.  So it is understandable that we would gravitate toward certain colours, and steer clear from others.

And some of those emotions or feelings about a certain colour, can be very strong!

We’ll explore what is predicted to trend in 2020, and see if any of these colours stir up any thoughts, feelings or emotions for you.

Green with Envy

It had to be said…we’re so excited to see the return of Emerald Green to the colour trend for 2020.  It’s been a long time since we have thought about this deep, moving colour.

And there’s no two ways about it, this colour is bold, exciting and indulgent!  And we L.O.V.E it!!  All of the colours we’re going to feature are bound to stir up some pretty strong feelings and this might not be the colour for you, but hear us out…

Emerald green like most bold colours, can be tricky to use.  It looks amazing on furniture, soft furnishings and clothing, but how about things like tiles and paint?  We’re so excited to see where this vintage beauty is going to be taken in 2020 by designers, stylists and colour specialists.

Try not to think about it in a heritage or traditional style home, and re-imagine this colour in a modern or beachy setting.  Paired with out stunning Brushed Brass range, they are a match made in heaven!

Or you can go the more classic route and use emerald green paint in something like a small powder room.  We’ve always been told that dark colours make rooms look smaller, and that is true, but in something like a powder room, it can envelop the space making it feel intimate, not claustrophobic.  Picture this with fresh and bright white cornice and oversized skirting boards!

More good news, emerald green actually goes with so many complimentary colours.  Try it with gold, tan leather, blush and even black!  Go on, get adventurous!!


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Rust in Peace

Okay, so rust has been on our radar recently…but it’s been a while between drinks for this 70’s favourite!  It’s definitely back for 2020 though!

Everything old seems to be coming back into trend, but not in a cliche kind of way.  These rich, classic colours have all been given a new lease on life, and are going to be huge with schemes and designs next year.

We couldn’t be happier, because rust is one of those natural colours that can be used almost anywhere.

Not only does it give an organic vibe, but because it is so earthy and has a beautiful depth, we feel like softer and more neutral colours play well with rust.  Like our White Range.  It’s simple colour and style pairs beautifully with almost anything, but we just adore it with rust!

Maybe try creating your very own day-spa vibe…Rust will sit nicely in a bathroom space with neutral, handmade feature tiles and some beautiful cascading hanging plants.  And don’t forget to include some gorgeous textured bathtowels and an oversized bathmat to complete the look.

We’re also seeing a resurgence of rust (aka terracotta!!) coloured tiles.  Not just floor tiles either, like in the 70’s – no, think cute prints and patterns and unique hand-crafted small format tiles.

This look may not be for everyone, and we’re sure some of you are having that strong emotional connection towards rust, but see how you feel about it now.  Do you like the more modern version of Rust paired with other organic or minimal colours and materials?  If not, that’s okay, we’ve got something for everyone!  Take a look at our next prediction for 2020, as this may be more your vibe…


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We’ll Never be Royals

Has royal blue ever gone out of fashion?  We don’t think so, but just in case you haven’t seen it around lately, it seems to have resurfaced recently as well.

However, it’s one of those colours that a lot of people love, but never really use in their own homes.  Which is a shame, because it is one of those non-offensive colours that is typically used in more traditional homes.  BUT it’s definitely having a bit of a moment recently in modern homes and spaces.  Maybe it’s seen an option for a dark, moody colour that isn’t quite as bold as pure black.

We’re not sure why it hasn’t been used more until recently.  It’s a great alternative if you are looking for a bold, striking, feature colour to use in any room.  It also looks amazing outdoors, highlighting lush, green foliage in your garden.

This is one of the modern age colours that pairs perfectly with luxurious brushed brass, or soft blush tones.  We think it also sits well with modern materials like Terrazzo tiles, concrete basins and of course, our effortless Brushed Brass range.  Although, don’t be put off by also pairing it with other dark tones like our Matte Black range, or lighten the mood and incorporate our timeless Brushed Nickel range as well.

Like we said, it will never go out of fashion, so be as daring or subdued as you like!

Peachy Keen

They say what goes around comes around, and this is definitely the case with peach.

Again, this may get some fairly strong emotion or feeling from some of you that may have grown up in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Peach was EVERYWHERE!

Paint, couches, floor tiles, carpet – you name it, whatever you wanted – it came in peach!!  Okay, so let’s take a closer look at this favourite from a couple of decades ago…

Firstly, it’s actually quite a neutral colour when you think about it.  Sitting quite comfortably here with natural rattans, plush carpets and brushed copper accessories.  But we can also imagine it with something strong and bold, like our Matte Black range.  OR something pretty and glamorous, like our stunning Rose Gold range.

Because it is quite a soft colour, you can also afford to be quite adventurous with your fixtures and styling.  This would also look amazing with some modern Terrazzo, gorgeous grey-vein marble, and even darker timbers like walnut.  However, we are in LOVE with what @cedarandsuede have paired it with here…beautiful neutrals, textures and natural elements that take this colour to a whole new level!

Colour Theory

So while colour can evoke all kinds of feelings, of course you will be drawn to colours that make you feel good.

Trends will come and go, but if you aren’t sure about a certain colour that is trending, give it a go!  Grab a sample pot and get painting, try a feature tile, or even a few cushions.

There are so many ways to inject your personality into your home, and colour is a great design element in any space.  Use it sparingly or en masse, but whatever you do, go with colours you love and you’ll never be disappointed.

If you’ve tried a bold new colour that was out of your comfort zone, we’d love to see what you chose!

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