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Accessories For Your Bathroom

It’s easy to get swept away with choosing all the big-ticket items for your new bathroom.

Let’s face it, there are so many gorgeous products on the market now, it’s easy to get distracted.

But when it comes to your bathroom accessories, there are a couple of little things that you should choose upfront.

We’re going to explore a some of those little things that you may not have thought about yet.

Take some time, as bathroom accessories make a big difference to your finished bathroom.

You’ll definitely need some of these for your next reno or build.

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From Top to Bottom

So you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, or you’re building your dream home from scratch.

Apart from maybe the kitchen, the bathroom is the next biggest room that requires loads of  planning, planning, planning!

There are so many elements, finishes, styles, trades that you need to finalise.

We’ll help you to remember some of those little bits and pieces that may fall through the decision-making cracks.

Even though they are small and seemingly pesky things, we’ve got a few essentials that you might not have chosen yet.

All of these things that you will need to think about in the planning stage of your design…so grab a comfy spot on the sofa, and let’s get started!

Waste of Time

Straight up, this is something that shouldn’t be considered a waste of time, but a serious decision in the overall look of your bathroom.

The Floor Waste.  Yep, not the most glamorous thing to think about, but hey, it is a very important part of your bathroom design.  This needs to be decided upon before you really do anything else.  As everything is based on working from the ground up, the flooring and placement of waste outlets is actually one of the first big decisions you have to make.

You need to talk about your options with your builder/plumber/tiler first.  If you would like a seamless look and no step-up from the adjoining room, your builder, plumber and tiler all need to know about this.  This affects how the floor structure is created, and it also affect the cost of your build.

Your plumber or tiler needs to either build up or grind down the floor base to allow for water run-off.  To ensure your bathroom stays in line with building codes, the floor needs to be a certain height to allow for drainage.  So if you dreamt of a seamless, flush floor in your bathroom, make sure you make this clear to all your tradespeople.

The existing flooring material and condition can also affect the cost.  The flooring may need to be ground down if it’s concrete, completely pulled out if it’s timber, or built up to enable drainage.  Ensure you have a clear understanding of the costs from your tradespeople before you make your decision about where to put your floor waste.

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Get the Look – Pixi Shower Channel Waste in Brass

Heart of Glass

Now that you’re flooring and waste are sorted, you can start thinking about some other bathroom accessories…your shower screen.

Like so many other elements in your bathroom, the shower screen can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Again, there are a couple of decisions you should make in the early planning stage.

If you have decided on a flush floor, then you are lucky enough to enjoy a walk-in shower.

This style of shower gives you a beautiful minimal look, as there is no frame around the glass, it almost appears to be invisible.

With the introduction of glass clips, this allows the shower screen to be fixed to a wall and floor without the need for a door or fixed frame.

If you haven’t changed your flooring and you still require the step-in shower, you are going to have to go with a frameless or semi-frameless shower screen.

This style of shower is still very popular, and shower screens have come a long way in their design and look.  The benefit of a step in shower is that you can even make your shower screen a feature!

There are so many shapes, colours and styles of shower screens, you may find it hard choosing one!

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Get the Look – ABI Pius Brushed Brass Glass Clip

Down the Trap

If you have planned on an open vanity for your new bathroom, you’ll be familiar with the term- bottle trap.

While it’s not the most fun of bathroom accessories to choose, it is necessary…

The bottle trap is an important part of the bathroom sink plumbing.

It’s where the waste water passes through and traps any matter that may cause odours from escaping back up into the bathroom.

If you have chosen a floor or wall hung vanity with doors or drawers, you will not have to worry about a bottle trap.

This is included in your normal plumbing, which will be concealed behind the cupboards or drawers of your vanity.

But if you have chosen an open wall hung vanity, a decorative bottle trap is required.

This type of bottle trap makes the plumbing look more appealing and can also become a feature of your vanity.

Be sure to talk to your plumber first to make sure you have the right style of bottle trap for your vanity, as they can vary in shape, size and colour.

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Get The Look – ABI Mateo Brushed Brass Bottle Trap

Pop Up’s

A relatively new addition to the bathroom accessories list, is the pop up basin waste.

This clever little invention has revolutionised the humble basin sink.  If you include one of these in your basin sink, you will no longer need a separate plug!

By simply pushing down on the centre, it creates a seal like a plug.  To release the seal, you just push the centre button and it will ‘pop-up’ to release any water.

It does however need to be installed by your plumber at the same time as your sink, and is normally sold separately to your basin sink.

So make sure you remember to include it in your cart when shopping for all your bathroom pieces.

Again, the pop up waste comes in many different colours, so you can add a bit of personality here.

Design Tip – Your pop up waste doesn’t need to match the colour as your basin sink.  For a designer look, try something different to the standard white or stainless steel!

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Get The Look – ABI Avi Chrome Pop Up Waste

Finishing Touches

Your bathroom accessories can be the finishing touches, the jewellery of your bathroom renovation!

This is your final chance to include some personal touches and highlight all the other elements of your bathroom’s style.

Ensure that you choose these things in the early stages of planning, so you can achieve your dream look.

Have you been looking at bathroom accessories lately?  Did you decide to include any of these things in your build??

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