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Tips to Creating a Concealed Laundry

//Tips to Creating a Concealed Laundry

Tips to Creating a Concealed Laundry

We all lead busy lives nowadays, so when we have some spare time, we don’t want to spend it doing the laundry.

With more and more expectations on our homes and it’s functionality, we want things to be as quick and easy as possible.

Even if you have limited space in your home, we’re about to show you some amazing ideas to create a pocket sized laundry that will have you thinking twice about wanting to spend your Sunday morning doing the washing!

We’ve got some handy tips to creating a concealed laundry, to help you take versatility to the next level.

Small Packages

Laundries come in many shapes and sizes, but what if you’ve got an existing home and no designated laundry?  Or do you live in an apartment and share a communal laundry and dream of having one inside your own apartment?

Whatever your current situation, rest assured, you’re not stuck with a nightmare laundry forever.  We’re about to show you some novel ways of incorporating a concealed laundry wherever your heart desires!

We’ve got some great hints and tips to creating a concealed laundry within your existing space, or some game changers if you’re renovating and starting again.

We’ll walk you through some innovative and creative ways to make the most of this small, but important part of your home.

Hide and Seek

While concealed laundries are nothing new, we have seen a huge resurgence in them recently.

But if you are going to incorporate a new laundry in your home, you will need to do your homework.  You’re about to see that you don’t need much existing space in your home  to be able to redesign or reconfigure it into your dream laundry.

First things first…You need to think about the configuration.  Are you going to stack the washer and dryer? Can you afford to buy an All-in-One washer/dryer so you only have one appliance?  Do you actually need a clothes dryer?  Can you forgo a dryer and install a drying rail instead?

Doors are another one of the first big decisions you need to make, before you plan the rest of your concealed laundry.

This will have a big impact and don’t underestimate the importance of the type of doors you may need to use.  Answer a few of these questions, and your choice will become clear…Do you need simple open & close doors, a sliding barn door, bi-fold or concertina doors, sectional pocket doors.  Do you want the doors closed when washing to minimise noise, or do you prefer to leave them open so you can hear when the machine is finished?

It all makes sense once you have figured out these two important design elements.

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Behind Closed Doors

There are so many things that we use our laundry space for.  Not just for washing our clothes – no, we need this area to be as hardworking as we are.

How about incorporating a pet zone.  Hmm, sounds interesting right?  We bet you didn’t see this one coming…It keeps any kitty litter trays or puppy pads away from the living room, along with any nasty little smells from your furry friends!

Simply include a cat/doggy door into the lower cabinetry and voila, you have a pet zone.  Of course it will take a little bit of patience and training with your little ball of fluff, but the effort will be well worth it.

If you are using part of the cabinetry below for your pet zone, you may need to install some overhead cabinetry for extra storage.  If the space or budget doesn’t allow for customised cabinetry, try some open shelving.  Get yourself some gorgeous baskets to stow away all those pesky cleaning products to keep it looking stylish.

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Soak it In

So you don’t have space for a separate laundry room, no problemo!  Try incorporating a concealed laundry into your bathroom.

Because your bathroom is an existing wetspace, you already have plumbing nearby that you can utilise.  This is a huge benefit on many levels.  You’ll save money, time and space by using this option.

And because it’s going to be concealed, you can keep still keep your bathroom neat and tidy by simply closing the laundry doors!  This option is amazing and is popular in smaller homes and apartments because of the epic functionality.

It is all about the details here though…ensure you save space wherever possible.  Can you fit both a washer and dryer into the space?  Can they stack on top of each other?  Do you want an extra laundry sink?  What size laundry sink will fit?  Can I store washing baskets?  Can I store other cleaning products, like a mop and bucket?

If you have a clear idea about what needs to be stored in this space, you can definitely design around that and make sure you are optimising the zone.

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Rinse Repeat

Another amazing option for a concealed laundry is to place it near the kitchen.

By being close to the kitchen, you can multi-task when necessary.  Like most busy households, you are usually trying to do 3 things at once, so you can always throw on a load of washing while you keep an eye on dinner!

Again, if you are installing the laundry near your kitchen, chances are that the plumbing is close by and just begging to be used.

It’s also nice to not have to trudge up and down stairs, so if you have a 2 story house, of course you want to try and place the laundry near the door close to your washing line.  If you’re renovating and your laundry isn’t going to be near the washing line, it could be easier to move the washing line closer to the laundry!

Design Tip – This is also a great place to try and store your ironing board!  Try incorporating a fold our ironing board and you can tuck it all away when not in use.

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Out to Dry

Rest assured, you really can create the laundry of your dreams, even in a small pocket of your home or apartment.

With some upfront planning and careful use of the available space, you’ll have a fully functioning concealed laundry in no time.

We hope these ideas and tips make their way into your next laundry project.

Tag us or drop us a line if you have taken on the concealed laundry challenge!!

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