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Are Double Showerheads Really Worth It?

//Are Double Showerheads Really Worth It?

Are Double Shower Heads Really Worth It?

No longer content with a simple shower, basin and toilet, we now have such high expectations from such a relatively small space in our homes.

And now that bathrooms are being given such careful consideration, they are expanding and evolving in every way.

Technology, functionality and the size of our bathrooms, have all taken a huge leap forward and it’s an exciting time for bathroom design.

With the inclusion of double shower heads, double vanities and even bathtubs, ensuite’s are even taking over as the main bathroom.

If you have been thinking about expanding or renovating your bathroom and including double shower heads in your home, read on – we may have some helpful tips for you!

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On the Double!

Ever looked through one of those glossy bathroom renovation magazines and dreamt of having double shower heads in your own home?  Thought it was just for expensive hotels and fancy mansion’s, well think again…

This suite-inspired look is simply stunning, and it shouldn’t be reserved for when you are away on holidays.  No, no, no – this look is more than achievable in your home and can take pride of place in the right space.

We’ve got some great tips on how to achieve this look, things to take into consideration, and of course the latest in styles and colours to get you inspired!

Seeing Double

Depending on the size and the layout, your double shower heads can really be placed almost anywhere in the space.

If they are going to be your showstopper though, you want them to be the first thing the eye notices when you enter the bathroom.

Another way to highlight them, is by using a contrasting tile.  Think matte black tapware set against a blush, grey or white tile.  This will really make your double shower heads POP!

Design Tip – If you realistically don’t have the space for double shower heads, don’t be tempted to try and squeeze them into the design.  It won’t have the same effect, and can leave the entire bathroom looking out of proportion.


Get the Look – ABI Dana Matte Black Shower Head

Double Take

When you live in a busy household, chances are, you’re not going to be taking showers together with your significant other, every single day.

And, you probably won’t need to wash your hair everyday…so maybe think about installing a hand held shower head and hose as well.

The beauty of the hand held shower head, is that you can have a simple, quick shower and use a lot let water than you would using the full rain shower head.

Voila!  The best of both worlds!!


Get the Look – ABI Kobi Hand Shower in Gunmetal  

Double Trouble

Tedious, but necessary.  Let’s have a quick think about the water usage that double shower heads will bring.

Whilst you might think that it’s not going to be any different to taking a shower on your own, study’s have shown that water useage in our homes has gone up 3% in one year.  That might not sound like much, but when you add that up over every household in Australia, the numbers are significant.

Ensure that when you are choosing your double shower heads, you select one with the highest WELS Rating (The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards).  This means that you will be using the least amount of water possible, while still enjoying the indulgence of your double shower.

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Get the Look – ABI Dana Round Shower Head Brushed Nickel

Double Check

Like water ratings, there are also modern designs and technology that are evolving in the world or shower heads.

However, water pressure is going to be something that you will need to check in your individual home, as this can vary from place to place.

If you have low water pressure, a double shower head could add to this issue.  Something like a rain shower head may not be the best option here, as it requires a certain amount of pressure to keep the rain-like flow.

Luckily the design experts have thought of this…There are certain shower heads that are purely designed for low or high pressure,  so also have a chat to your bathroom fitting supplier for help.

When in doubt, check with the experts.  Call in a qualified plumber to carry out a pressure test if you have any concerns.

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Get the Look – ABI Dana Brushed Brass Shower Head paired with Nava Shower Dropper Brushed Brass

Double Back

Okay, so hopefully this has given you some inspiration, and information to help you decide if double shower head’s are for you.

One thing’s for sure, this is not only a practical addition to your bathroom, it may also be an investment in your property.  These spa-like additions are highly sought after in the rental and property markets at the moment, and the trend is only growing.

So when you’re looking to renovate or build your dream bathroom, carefully consider these things and if you choose to include double shower heads, it’s surely a win-win!

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