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Going Boho with My Burleigh Reno

Defining the unconventional and welcoming a unique take on elegance, the Bohemian style has taken the interior design world by storm – with its colourful characteristics found in some of the most avant-garde locations and quaint escapes. Before being adopted into pop culture, Boho was often misrepresented as ‘obscure hippie fashion’; disheartening people from experimenting with its colourful persona.  Now, we see more homes accessorised with Turkish rugs, and rustic fittings – becoming a fan-favourite amongst interior designers and renovation crusaders.

Curating your space with Boho-inspired looks offer a multi-cultural collaboration of unique, striking layers, and features that guarantee to never go unnoticed. Boho-style celebrates the wandering creative and unique artist within; allowing us to embrace our personal style and lust for design while paying homage to the much-loved eccentric concept.

We completely understand that Boho’s worldly spirit and stylistic chaos can be overwhelming for some. So, to help you curate your dream Boho bathroom, we have generated a list of tips and tricks with Gold Coast home-improvement guru, Alicia Curtis from My Burleigh Reno to help you design an effortlessly eccentric ‘Boho-inspired’ bathroom.


Limitation – no such thing! But…if we were to impart some stylistic wisdom – we suggest warm, earthy tones with metallic, rustic or gemstone details to harmoniously deliver the essence of a Boho look.

Alicia suggests // Brushed Copper & Antique Decor

Brushed copper tapware will contribute a luxurious feel into the room, with antique hooks and old towel rails embracing a diverse era. Adorning your space with elaborate patterns, such as Persian and Moroccan prints, on your towels or floor mats, will welcome a luscious focus to the enriched cultures.

DIY HACK: Ombre Pom Pom Tassel Garland



Pinterest Rustic Jute Curtain Ties

Bohemian style does not only confine itself to grand spaces but supports a colourful presence in even the most personal and modest areas of the home – just like your bathroom. Large tiles and big mirrors will elongate the room while creating the illusion of more height when fitted vertically.

Alicia suggests // Curtains.

Incorporating cotton curtains over bathroom windows offer a softened, relaxed feel. Alicia recommends fashioning your curtains by tying them into a knot or loosely secure with tassel tie backs. Inviting height above the window will create the sense that the space is boundless. To further accentuate the illusion of a bigger room, hang some greenery in unsuspecting, aloft places of your bathroom.

DIY HACK: Rustic Jute Curtain Ties


Decorating presents the perfect opportunity to insert yourself into the room while trying to adhere to elements of the Bohemian style. No matter what you are drawn to – playful prints or hanging macramé – decorate with items that are significant to you and your home.

Alicia suggests: Dried Flowers and Wicker Baskets

Alicia has nodded to the Bohemian look by adding a touch of Rattan/wicker in the way of a small hanging pendant in the corner of her bathroom. Introducing a wooden stool and other wooden arrangements will instil a sense of Scandinavian character.

Alicia has opted for dried flowers – however – green plants would still suggest the Boho style is active within this space.

DIY HACK: Alicia’s Bunnings Mat Wicker Basket @my.burleigh.reno

By Alicia Curtis @my.burleigh.reno

A moment for the minimalists; if you are contemplating the eclectic and unconventional style for your bathroom, but don’t know where to begin, start with clean lines and white space. Enhance the empty sections of your bathroom with different textures – building on the elements of Boho-chic. It’s important to acknowledge that a bathroom should to maintain its functions and fundamental purpose. Designing a chaotic-boho-look can achieve a flawless result, but, remember to conserve the intimacy and personal environment of a bathroom.

Create a balance that serves the bathroom, serves you and serves your home.

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