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How to get a California Style Bathroom

//How to get a California Style Bathroom

How to get a California Style Bathroom

There’s something about that feeling of a summers day and sand between your toes.

It’s not just the vibe while you’re at the beach and basking in the sun, it’s a feeling you want to last well after the summer sun has set.

We’re here to show you how to bring some California Style to your bathroom all year round!

California Dreaming

You know that feeling when you’ve been on your beach summer holiday, and it’s coming to an end…well, does it really have to end?

Why not have an endless summer… There are some easy ways to bring this cool, casual look to your home and bathroom without even having to plant any palm trees!

Introduce natural timber, sultry palettes and a restrained style and you’ll feel like you were in Cali all over again.

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Endless Summer

Much like the Australian summer, California just oozes beach life.  Maybe that’s why we connect so easily with this style and overall feel.

Try and emulate that relaxed, warm vibe with neutrals that will adapt to almost any bathroom.

Low maintenance materials will also add to the functional and versatile nature of a beach style bathroom, so you can spend your time enjoying the summer instead of cleaning!

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California Love

Bringing that beach vibe into your home can do wonders for you.  You’re sure to feel relaxed and calm as you’re surrounded by natural materials like timber and stone.

It’s all about reconnecting with nature.  If you’re lucky enough to have a large window or a view, make sure you use it to your advantage.  Make it a feature of the room and base your other elements around that.

If you’re not blessed with a view however, bring the outside in!  There are so many gorgeous indoor plants that will echo the outdoor feel and create your destination bathroom…

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Walking on Sunshine

There’s something about a bathroom filled with beautiful sunlight, it’s the perfect way to start your day…

By choosing natural or neutral tiles and accessories, it seems to enhance the natural light that streams into your bathroom.

Minimal or muted fixtures and fittings also help to keep the feeling calm in this space.  Not only will it have a minimal visual impact, it will allow the other pieces and features within the bathroom to shine!

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To Summerise

See what we did there!  It’s not that we can’t spell, we really don’t want Summer to end!!

Try some new towels, a timber stool, some gorgeous flowing plants OR if you want to up your game…

Maybe try out a new towel rail, or robe hook, you’ll be amazed at how simple it can be to refresh your bathroom and introduce a warm vibe.

Take the hot tips from us – try a few of these simple things and you’re sure to have an endless summer too!

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