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The Best Plants for your Bathroom

//The Best Plants for your Bathroom

The Best Plants for your Bathroom

If you’ve been looking at anything to do with interiors over the last 2 years, you’ll notice the boom in indoor plants.

However, loving the look of a plant and keeping it that way, are two very different things.

We’ll give you some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the best plants for your bathroom, along with some styling inspo…

So if you’re looking for a fast, easy & economical way to to refresh your bathroom, you’re in the right place!

Just Add Water

Finding the perfect plant for a particular spot in your home can be challenging.  Trying to find one that is going to thrive in a moist, humid place like the bathroom, can be even harder…

There are just a few things you need to think about before you even pick up that pretty little plant you’ve had your eye on…It might look amazing at the nursery, but keeping it alive once you get it home, is the hard part!

We’ll give you some helpful tips on how to choose, maintain and style the best plants for your bathroom space.

Once you’ve nailed down the basics, you’ll be well on your way to that Green Thumb status!!

Hangin’ Around

Okay, let’s start at the top – choosing The Best Plants for your Bathroom.  Sounds easy enough right?  Hmm, think again!

Plants are like any other living organism on the planet, they need certain things not only to survive, but to thrive.

Of course they need soil, sun and water, but like humans, certain plants love certain living conditions.  Some plants can’t tolerate the bathroom, whilst for others –  this is their happy place!

We are obsessed with all kinds of gorgeous hanging & cascading plants.  And looking after these plants doesn’t have to be difficult…choose the right type and it will bring your bathroom to life instantly.

Here are some of our favourite, flowy plants that just love to hang out in the bathroom:

  • Golden Pothos with pretty soft green & light yellow leaves that cascade and grow quickly
  • Heartleaf Philodendron comes with classic dark green, shiny leaves.  And as the name suggests, they are heart-shaped leaves – sooo cute
  • Hanging/Swiss Cheese Monstera (pictured) this interesting plant looks a little like it’s been eaten by a caterpillar – but that’s exactly how it should look!  So green and interesting, she’s definitely one of our favourites

Design Tip – The nifty Golden Pothos doesn’t even need soil!  Snap off a stem, pop it in a small pot filled with water, and voila, off they grow!!

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Low Maintenance

If you’re more of a low maintenance kind of gardener, you’re in luck!  There are so many plants that require little care.

And if you don’t have the type of bathroom that suits a soft flowy style, you may want to try something different.  Maybe an architectural style plant?

We are in LOVE with the likes of the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (pictured), Zanzibar and even the Oakleaf Ivy.

These style of plants provide you with structural foliage, while also injecting the natural green colour into the space.  They are also great to soften up bathrooms, as they can often be full or hard surfaces and edges.

Placing them in the perfect spot can help to bring in some life and movement to the space.  The best part, is that you can easily experiment here by moving them around within the space.  Just keep switching them up until you find a spot that you AND your little buddy will love!!

Design Tip – If you have a large bathroom, try a larger plant in a bigger pot.  Something like the Rubber Plant loves humidity & bright light and introduces structure to the space.  They come in various colours that will give you a deep hue, like dark green and even deep burgundy.

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One Is Never Enough

If you’re anything like us though, one plant in the bathroom is never enough!  We know right, they add colour, softness, interest and even have health benefits…so we say go for it!!

The trick here is to choose the right plants for the right place in your bathroom.  You don’t want 5 similar plants all bunched together in a corner.  Take a look at the bathroom and carefully consider which one would suit a particular area best.

If you have a built-in bathtub, chances are you have a shelf there as well.  Something like a cascading plant would be great, as this will create a connection to the bath space.

Maybe you have a bare corner above the bathtub or shower rail?  Try installing a hanging plant from the ceiling!  This instantly draws the eye to that blank space, and what’s better than filling it with a beautiful, lush plant.

Another great option are plant stands…These are perfect if you don’t have any shelves, niches or blank ceiling corners in the space.  A stunning timber stand with a cute pot can literally transform your space.  There are loads of plant stands around nowadays, so get out there and check them out!!

Design Tip – Plants stands are great to add height into the space, without the need for a large pot or plant.  It also becomes a feature and is a place where you can introduce another texture like timber, to soften the hard surfaces in your bathroom.

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Fake It Till You Make It

Okay, okay…we’ve been there as well.  You try your hardest, follow all the instructions, and still, your beautiful bathroom plant has passed away!

Lucky for us, there is  a growing array of gorgeous, life-like faux and dried plants available.

And while natural, lush plants will always be around, faux is becoming more an more popular.  Whether it’s because we don’t have time or the knowledge to care for our ‘real’ plants, the rise of faux & dried plants has boomed in popularity over the last 6 months.

No complaints here either…they have come a long way from the fake, plasticky varieties of years gone by.  They are so realistic looking and feeling, it can actually be quite difficult to tell them apart!

So we say – go for it!  Let’s face it, if you love a look and know that you’re not such a green thumb, faux it!  There are so many styles around now as well, you can almost buy any type of plant in faux form.

All you need to do is decide on a few things:

  • Size – do you want a large, standing pot to create height in a corner,  or a small potted one to put on your vanity.  Really consider this carefully.
  • Colour – think about what colours will work best with your bathroom palette – light and bright, dark and modern, fun and quirky?  You’ll find something!
  • Style – does the space need structure or height.  Or something to soften the space like a flowing, hanging plant.  Really experiment here & have fun :)
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Don’t Forget To Water

We hope these helpful tips have made the decision a bit easier for you to find The Best Plants for your Bathroom!

Try and start off with some low maintenance varieties, and work your way up to some of the more elaborate ones as you go.  And don’t forget, the internet is full of how-to’s when it comes to looking after your new potted friend.

So if you’re looking to refresh your bathroom quickly and in a cost effective way, this is perfect for you!  Try playing around with the textures, heights and colours of your plants and you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Don’t forget to water and take care of your new babies…have you used plants to transform your bathroom space?  Drop us a line and show us your pic’s, who knows, your bathroom may end up on our socials page!!

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