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Shower Heads

Shower Heads

Taking a shower is the ultimate way to kick start your day, giving you the boost you need to revitalise those muscles and feel truly energised. However, sometimes you need a shower head that stands apart from convention and provides a superior experience.

With a finely distributed water system that gives you entire coverage, a rain shower head distributes water evenly, ensuring you’ll always maintain efficient water usage too.

What items you need to complete your shower set

Naturally, you want to ensure you have all the essential items when assembling your new shower set. A shower mixer is required to control the temperature and water pressure, while a shower diverter diverts the water flow between a rain head and a hand held shower. Shower arms or shower droppers connect the rain shower head from the wall and the ceiling respectfully. Apart from a shower head, it’s a good idea to have the optional extra of a hand shower. This should comfortably attach to the shower hose with the use of a convenient hand shower holder and BP (base point) fixture that’s available in all our finishes. A shower rail enables height movement of the hand shower, while another requirement for shower rails is a shower BP fixture which is where the hose connects to. Finish off your shower set with a shower hose and you’re set to go.

Simplify the shower shopping process by purchasing one of our Finley all-in-one shower sets that come in our array of signature finishes and only require a standard shower mixer to operate it.

Here’s a summary of items to complete a shower set:

Rain head range

We offer an alluring range of stylish rain heads that come in both round and square designs. These are made from solid brass with 180 rubberised water outlets that provide consistency, vibration absorption and reassuring insulation. Available in eight different finishes, our Dana Round Shower Heads are a premium quality shower rose that is ideal for giving your bathroom an elegant look. Our Cara Square Shower Heads are available in three finishes and is an equally sophisticated rain head that includes all the aforementioned features but with a sharper-edged aesthetic.

To complete your shower set, browse through our extensive range of shower tapware, shower rails, shower arms, shower droppers, shower mixers, hand held shower heads, bathroom vanities and bathroom wastes including shower channel, pop up and tile insert wastes amongst an array of other accessories.

All ABI shower tapware products are fully compatible with our shower head range. Why not consider purchasing our Finley Shower Rail Set which encapsulates all the necessary items for straight-forward installation. *Please note this set does not include a mixer. However, you can purchase one separately from our shower mixer selection here.  

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