Quality Assurance

our quality assurance

Many customers ask us, how are your products so well priced? Are they high quality products?

The answer is simple!

ABI has implemented a direct factory to end user system, meaning our customers are not paying a middle man. This strategy allows ABI to offer best pricing on superior or equal quality products at a much lower cost to the end user.

Creating great products

Our in house design team work closely with manufacturers to bring the latest unique products to the market using the very best technology, quality and style. This is what makes ABI unique and able to remain ahead of competitors.

It's what's on the inside

ABI provides up to 25 year warranty on all tapware and kitchen sinks, showing our commitment to excellence and loyalty to our customers. ABI not only focuses on beautiful designs but also innovation on internal quality.

All australian designed

Our products are designed right here in Australia at our Gold Coast HQ by our in-house design team. Our product designers constantly listen to customer feedback and needs and continue to be innovative when creating new products.

Our process works from the inside out

A ceramic European cartridge designed for long life and reliability imbedded into a thick gauge brass casing. A uniquely designed mould is then smelted to form the shape of the mixer body & lever.
From this point the body is honed and inspected for all imperfections before the (AEA) coating method (Advanced Electroplating Application).

Water feeds checked and put under a high water pressure process testing the taps far beyond normal use & water pressure. The tap is then disassembled, cleaned & the checking procedure starts again to look for any functional or aesthetic imperfections. Then the watermark logo (bottom of the page) is printed to display the effort that goes into each of our products.

  • (AEA) Advanced Electroplating Application
  • All of ABI’s stainless steel products are treated with ABI Heat Shield – an industrial grade PVD electro colouring system which provides a harder, more corrosion resistant finish whilst remaining environmentally friendly
  • This method is due to the extreme use that these products will go under, this same method was originally used strengthen the ends of drill bits
  • A durable solid material with incredible strength properties, it is a man made composite making it much easier to maintain & much stronger than natural stone
  • Solid surface is repairable for life, keeping it looking brand new for many years to come

We stand by and take pride in our quality products, which is why should any of our products leave the ABI warehouse and arrive to you with imperfections that we deem as unacceptable, ABI will organise a free of charge replacement service by covering all shipping expenses to send back the goods & free delivery on replacement goods.

Backorder!

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