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Top 5 Laundry Design Ideas

//Top 5 Laundry Design Ideas
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Top 5 Laundry Design Ideas

Let’s face it, no one really WANTS to do laundry.  But we’ve got some ideas on how to make spending time in this space a whole lot easier.

More than just washing machines and laundry sinks, we’re going to show you the new trends in laundry design, and also help you with some styling ideas.

Usually one of the smallest spaces in our homes, we have high expectations of our laundry, so let’s make the most of it!  There are new ideas and products emerging each and every day, and they are here to help, and the laundry is no exception…In fact, laundry design and styling is huge right now.

We hear you – how on earth are you supposed to create your dream laundry with limited space or a tiny budget?

Don’t worry, keep reading and we’ll help you out with some decisions that could be life changing!  Maybe it’s something you haven’t seen before, or something you though was just out of your budget – well, think again.

So, grab a coffee and let’s get your laundry sorted ASAP!!!

Shut the Door

Concealed Laundries are one of the hottest new trends in this space.  Normally the laundry is stuck in a far away room that we only venture to when we’ve run out of towels and socks.

But more and more, we are seeing the laundry integrated into more accessible parts of our homes.

With apartments and smaller homes on the rise, this workhorse of the home is becoming even more functional as well.

Simply open the door and everything you need is within arms reach.  Let the washing machine begin and close the door!

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Drying Out

Another ingenious idea that is being included into current laundry design is the drying rail.

We can’t believe this wasn’t a ‘thing’ sooner!  One of the most practical solutions that you can include in your laundry is space for air drying.  Weather it’s a fixed drying rail, or enough space for a freestanding drying rack, this should be on your must-have list.

If you have a bright laundry, you really can take advantage of nature to help with drying time.  If you have a door to the outside, even better – let the sun shine in!

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Get the Look – ABI Elysian Brushed Brass Tap 

Soak it Up

Lets talk about laundry sinks.  This really is one of the hardest working places in your home, so it seems fair that the laundry sink is given solid consideration.

In the past we have been limited to stainless steel and plastic laundry sinks, but of course now, we are inundated with choice.  Which is a great thing!

Here you have the chance to echo other wet spaces in the home with similar sink styles, colours and designs.  You need this space to be super functional and versatile, so try and think about the size and material of your laundry sink as well.

Consider how you use this space on a daily basis and make sure you choose your laundry sink accordingly.

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Get the Look – ABI Ohelu Brass Sink

Powder or Mud

Double duty…This is one space in your home that can do more than one thing at a time!

Trying to squeeze out at much versatility from a space can be difficult, but in your laundry there are a few options.  We’re seeing a trend towards combined Laundry/Mud Room’s, which is a fairly new concept.  A place not only to do the laundry, but a place to keep shoes, school bags, umbrella’s…all those little things that seem to accumulate near your front door!!

Another brilliant concept that is on the rise, is having a combined Laundry/Powder Room – genius!  Because there is already plumbing, adding some extra to accommodate a small powder room makes this a really affordable addition.  All you really need is a little space for an extra toilet and you can utilise your existing laundry sink for washing hands etc.

We can’t think of a better way to maximise the functionality of this room.

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Storage, Storage, Storage!

We know it goes without saying, but the more storage you can fit into your laundry, the better!

There are usually a lot of limitations on space, but seriously consider how you can incorporate as much storage space as possible.  You don’t necessarily need custom cabinetry, even just a few open shelves can help to organise this area.

In a perfect world you would have space for overhead cabinets, under bench cabinets and a broom closet, but lets be realistic – if you’re just updating and can’t change your layout, there are plenty of off-the-shelf storage solutions around now.

Try an open shelf with storage baskets to help you stow away everyday necessities so they are within easy reach.  If you can, also look for collapsible laundry baskets and drying racks that can also be tucked away when not in use.

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Get the Look – ABI Elysian Matte Black Tap

To Sum it Up…

When you know you have a chore to do, it helps to make it as easy as possible.  Try and have a master-plan in place, so when it comes to the laundry you can include everything you need to make it hassle-free.

Ensure you make the most of this hard working zone, and it will re-pay you 10 fold!  Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

They say good things come in small packages, so make sure you use up every last square inch of space to make it work for you!

What’s your must have in the laundry?

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