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What to consider when buying tapware for your bathroom (showers, mixers, basin sinks etc.)

//What to consider when buying tapware for your bathroom (showers, mixers, basin sinks etc.)

What to consider when buying tapware for your bathroom (showers, mixers, basin sinks etc.)

Bathroom vanities, shower heads, basin mixers, basin sinks – there are so many elements that go into making your bathroom your sanctuary, and with an overwhelming amount of bathroom and tapware online retailers, it’s hard to know which way to turn.

But transforming your bathroom has never been easier, and we’ll give you some tips on things to consider when buying tapware for your next bathroom project.

Make sure you have a clear concept and style in place, this is not only going to save you time, but also lots of money.

Let’s unpack your bathroom needs one by one…

Vanity FareBathroom vanities are a large piece that will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. There are a few things to think about when choosing this element, so ensure it echoes your overall concept and style.

Freestanding or wall hung? 1 or 2 basin sinks? Undermount or above counter basin sink mounting? Wall mounted or vanity mounted tapware? All these things will determine the size and style of your bathroom vanity.

Now let’s consider functionality. Basin Mixers – Will you need a tall basin mixer if you are fixing the basin sink to the counter top? Are you saving counter space and wall mounting your tapware? Do you like standard basin mixers or a progressive mixer?These are all choices that need to be made early on, in the planning stage.

Draws or cupboards?Marble or laminate vanity top? Black, timber, white, green…the choice is limitless when it comes to the colour. Just be sure to keep in mind that you may have to get something customer made if you have a big list of ‘needs’ from your vanity, which can get quite expensive.

Let it rainThislittle number used to be considered a luxury, reserved for expensive hotels and lavish mansions, but now, it’s becoming an essential part of our everyday bathroom. The rain shower head.

There are various colours, shapes and sizes of shower heads, so again, ensure that this piece is connected to your overall concept and design.Also make sure it’s in proportion with the rest of your bathroomfittings and fixtures.

Some other important things to think about here – Your shower head should give you a consistent water flow and temperature so ensure you check the water flow rate. Also, you really want to check on the water rating, just to be sure it’s efficient (as well as gorgeous!)

Dana Round Shower Head 250mm - Rose Gold
Cara Square Shower Head 250mm - Matte black
The best of both worldsIf you are considering using your main shower head in conjunction with a hand held shower head, you are going to need a Shower Diverter. This little number allows you to switch between the main shower head and the hand held option with the simple pull of a diverter knob.Benefits of this option are that you can have a quick shower using the hand held shower head, making sure you don’t get your hair wet, or you might just need to wash off your feet after some time in the garden. This one is also handy for teaching the little ones how to bathe themselves when the time comes!

Magnus Shower Diverter - Matte Black Handle and Chrome Back Plate
Elysian Shower Diverter - Brushed Copper
The Italian AffairPizza, gelato, spaghetti…We can thank Italy for so many things, but one of our biggest loves to come out of Italy is marble and stone. There is a lot of interest now in these types of basin sinks!

Due to their natural beauty, warmth and easy maintenance, it’s no wonder that stone sinks are making a big impact in our bathrooms. You might feel that this look could be too heavy in small space like a bathroom, but with modern technology and shaping techniques, these basin sinks can be honed and shaped to suit almost any style.

There are some limitations with weight and size, and they can be on the more expensive side, but the organic feel of these stone sinks will most certainlycreate interest in your bathroom.

Depending on your style and colour palette, something more classic or neutral may be in order. With various shapes, sizes and materials, you are certain to find a basin sink to suit your concept.

Your basin sinks are going to work hard, so you want to choose something strong, durable and low maintenance.

Mix it UpLet’s wander over andtake a look at shower mixers.

There are a few options here. The Shower Mixer is a single tap system, which mixes the hot and cold water along with the water pressure. These shower mixersare one of the most popular, as it gives you so many options with the variables of temperature and pressure. As this is the easiest mixer to use and adjust, it’s also the best optionif the user has any dexterous or mobility issues.

Elysian Commercial Minimal Mixer – Gunmetal

Shower Mixer Taps are the traditional 2 handle option, so you can manually adjust the pressure and temperature individually by using each handle to suit.
We’re also seeing new water saving technology with the emergence of the Progressive Mixer. This style of shower mixer gives you extreme accuracy of water temperature, with less adjustment needed on pressure.

Double DutyGot a powder room or a small space, look no further than the wall hung basin. An all in one option, this piece could be your new best friend.

Giving a light and seamless look, this is a game changer if you have space limitations.With so many compact designs available, you’re spoilt for choice.

Added bonus – you won’t have any seams from your basin sink, making the wall hung basin very low maintenance. Another bonus (as if you needed one!) this is also budget friendly, as you don’t have to buy separate bathroom vanities and basin sinks! Win Win!!

Cyrus Wall Mounted Basin 500mm x 300mm
Cora Wall Mounted Basin 700mm

Even though there are so many elements that create your bathroom, by having a clearly defined concept and sticking with your style, it will make the decision-making process easier, whilst giving you a sense of flow and continuity to your design.

Choosing tapware for your bathroom doesn’t need to be stressful, so go have some fun and create the bathroom of your dreams. What are your bathroom dreams made of?

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