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Why Curved Cabinetry is Trending

//Why Curved Cabinetry is Trending

Why Curved Cabinetry is Trending

If you have recently been looking at renovating your kitchen or bathroom and have looked online for inspiration, you will have noticed a new trend in cabinetry.

Curves!  They have been popping up on all the hottest designer’s websites and socials, and we love where they are taking us.  This gorgeous new trend is turning heads around the world…and we have definitely taken notice!

So we’re going to help you with the do’s and don’ts of curved cabinetry, along with the latest in colours and styles.

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Change –  It’s the true constant in life, nothing ever stays the same.  Thankfully, this is true of design as well.

In the design world, this is a great perspective.  If everything in design stayed the same, our homes could all be boring little white boxes!

Anyway, it feels like it’s been decades since we have seen such a big change in cabinetry design.  Everyone seemed quite content with the standard box type cabinetry, so it was about time for a bit of a shake-up.

Lucky for us, we get to see these transformations on a daily basis, and we can’t wait to show you the exciting new things happening around Curved Cabinetry.

Watch the bend

Because we are so used to seeing cabinetry as angular and blunt corners, it’s quite a shift to see something that is so soft and subtle.

The look is intriguing because even through curved cabinetry is nothing new, we haven’t seen a focus on it until recently.

That’s all about to change!  More and more, we are seeing this softer, lighter looked used throughout kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.  And this style is turning out to be quite a hit in the design world.


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Learning Curve

There are just a few things to consider when choosing to go with curved cabinetry.

The first point of call – cost.  Curved cabinetry needs to be custom made.  Find yourself a qualified tradesperson to help you with this.  Like all things custom built, you should take some time upfront to investigate and ensure that you have the right fit with the tradesperson you chose.

Secondly, the finish that you choose needs to be able to curve.  Sounds obvious right?  But some finishes on the market cannot be bent or moulded to suit curved cabinetry.

Again, your tradesperson will be able to assist you with the right products for you to choose from.

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Bend the Rules

Now that we have got you up to speed with some of the technical considerations of curved cabinetry, let’s talk about style!

It’s more than likely that your curved cabinetry is going to be the hero piece of your design, whether it’s your bathroom vanity, kitchen bench, or even a study nook – you want all eyes on the prize!

Our Hot tip is to not over-do the amount of curved cabinetry.  Limit it to one large piece, like a kitchen island, or two smaller pieces, such as double vanities in the bathroom.  This allows the piece to stand alone and not get lost visually.

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Curve Ball

Because the introduction of curves in a space is usually to bring a softer more organic feel, you should also try and consider the colour of your cabinetry closely.

As there will more than likely be some limitations on the material that you can use for your cabinetry, it is best to talk to your tradesperson up front and ensure that you can have the perfect colour for your design.

There’s nothing worse than having your mood board and all your colours chosen, only to find out you can’t use it for your dream piece.

Design Tip – Opting for a light, subtle palette can ensure cohesion in the space and will also bring about a sense of calm.

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The Round Up

We have a feeling that curved cabinetry is definitely going to cause a stir around the design world.  Because it’s such a dramatic change from the traditional, we’re sure there’ll be lovers and haters…

Like most new concepts, it could take some getting used to for the traditionalists, but we love where this trend is heading.

Are you on board with the new curved cabinetry trend?  Would you try it in your home?

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