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Towel Rails

Providing the convenience of ample drying and hanging space, our elegant range of single and double towel rails will seamlessly enhance any bathroom design.

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A towel rail is an essential bathroom accessory for every home. Quality towel holders aren’t only practical and convenient; they can also improve the design and style of your bathroom. 

ABI offers a range of quality stainless steel towel rails and solid brass towel rails in multiple styles that are available in both single and double designs. The towel hanger can seamlessly integrate into your wall or tiles for a streamlined appearance. 

Our Towel Rails by Finish

Our Towel Rails Range

The best towel rails are simple in design and function. They can provide towel hanging space for single or multiple towels.


Single Towel Rails

Our Milani Single Towel Rail is a stylish take on the classic wall-mounted towel rack. It is sleek, streamlined and effortlessly functional. It is available in 600mm and 800mm variations, providing you with several options to suit your available space. This style is also available as the Milani Heated Towel Rail, extending the sense of luxury and additional functionality in your bathroom. We recommend installing at least two heated towel rails to optimise heating.

The minimalistic Elysian Single Towel Rail features a generous 800mm length that offers ample drying space. Its versatile design can also function as a laundry rail to hang clean clothes on their hangers (ABI recommends using a non-metal coat hanger to avoid damaging the product).

The Kingsley Single Towel Rail is part of our elegant Kingsley Provincial Collection. It boasts the durability of solid brass construction while incorporating the vintage charm of its curves and flourishes. It is available in brushed brass, brushed nickel, and chrome.


Double Towel Rails

In a shared bathroom,  you may require a double towel rail for additional space so that each occupant can use the wall towel rack or bath towel rack.

Our Vaada Double Towel Rail features a double crossbar design for additional towel capacity and complements our entire Vaada range. It is available in stainless steel, brushed brass, brushed copper, and brushed gunmetal.

The Elysian Double Towel Rail is a sophisticated design that comfortably holds two full-sized towels. It effortlessly enhances your bathroom, with the option to add multiple rails to your space to ensure your towels are always within easy reach. Elysian is available in an even broader range of colours, additionally including brushed nickel, chrome, and matte black.

Towel Rails FAQs

How many towel rails should you have in a bathroom?

This is completely dependent on your personal preference and bathroom requirements. At a minimum, you should incorporate at least one towel rail into your space and ideally, this should be a double towel rail if the bathroom is used by more than one person.

How do I best hang towels on a towel rail?

Towels should be individually hung flush at equal dropping lengths over the rail for ease of drying and to prevent them from falling onto the floor. Ideally, one towel is used per rail with the use of a double towel rail for multiple towels. Avoid overlapping your towels, as this will interfere with the drying process.

Where should I best place towel rails in my bathroom?

Bathroom towel rails should be installed in an easily-accessible place in your bathroom. Preferably, if you are using a single rail, this should be installed between 1000 - 1200mm above the floor. Locate it close to your basin sink and the access areas to your shower and/or bath. To free up space, you could also choose to install your rail as a bath towel rack that sits directly above your bath at standing height. ABI offers a selection of freestanding baths to pair with your towel rail.Conveniently, our towel rails have been designed with multiple purchases in mind. Therefore, multiple towel rails can be mounted evenly across the wall either above or beneath each other and at least a towel’s drop length apart.

What towel rail sizes do you offer?

Our wall-mounted towel holders come in a broad range of sizes to accommodate different usages and bathroom spaces. Our Elysian Double Towel Rail is a 750mm towel rail, while the Vaada Double Towel Rail measures 760mm. Our Milani Single Towel Rail comes as both a 600mm small towel rail and an 800mm large towel rail.

Assistance with choosing Towel Rails

Our experienced team can help you decide which towel rails fit perfectly with your bathroom. Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or book a free bathroom design consultation. Our range of bathroom towel racks complements our extensive range of bathroom accessories, freestanding baths, and shower sets. We offer delivery of our towel rails across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Hobart. Towel rails are one of the bathroom fixtures and fittings that can refresh your space without a complete renovation. Learn more in our blog, ‘Why a Budget Shouldn’t Be a Barrier When Renovating Your Bathroom’.

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