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Matte Black Door Handles

We offer a selection of black door handles that combine style and functionality into your spaces.

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Minimalism always makes a good impression, and the beauty of a black door handle is that it goes well with a wide variety of interior door colours too.

Our Matte Black Door Handles Range

We offer a range of appealing black door handles to suit a variety of design requirements.


Black Internal Door Handles

Matte Black internal door handles can either provide a cool, understated look that goes perfectly with your fixtures and fittings or create a compelling contrast. This versatility has helped retain its status as a staple in the Australian interior design space for quite some time.

We stock three variations of matte black door handles that suit individual interior design purposes.


Black Lever Door Handles

The Davis Black Lever Door Handle has an ultra-modern design that promotes consistency around the home and blends well with finishes you already have around your home. You can also install the Davis as a dummy door handle.

Please Note: Davis Door Handles cannot be installed onto existing doors due to the backplate being smaller in diameter than standard door handles. Please refer to the specification sheet to ensure this handle is suitable for your door.


Black Sliding Door Handles

If you’re looking for a matte black sliding door handle, the Atley Flush Pull Round enables you to easily grasp your sliding doors with a minimal look.

The same could be said about the equally minimalist Atley Rectangular Flush Pull, which equally adds a touch of refinement.


Matte Black Door Hardware

After installing your matte black door handle, it makes sense to keep the finishes of your subsequent hardware flush too. You can maintain pleasing consistency throughout your space with our range of matte black door hardware that includes various door hinges, door stops and cavity sliders.

Matte Black Door Handles FAQs

Are black door handles in style?

The beauty of a black interior door handle is that it remains a popular contemporary finish style and one that won’t become outdated for some time. As matte black matches many door styles, their versatility is unquestionable too.

Do black door handles scratch?

While black lever door handles can scratch if they come into contact with hard materials, the damage would be less visible. This is also the case with unavoidable fingerprints, which are far less visible thanks to the matte black colour. Matt Black is a durable and stunning finish that also ensures a beautiful and longer-lasting look. Reassuringly, our Matte Black products have an AEA (advanced electroplating technology) treatment applied to the finish. This process uses electrical current to plate one metal upon another metallic surface to create a long-lasting and durable finish.

How do I best clean black door handles?

We recommend weekly cleaning your black lever door handles using warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth. Alternatively, natural cleaning products can be used but avoid abrasive cleaning cloths. Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaners, which could tarnish the finish. This includes bleach and bleaching agents (like ammonium and ammonium agents), highly acidic cleaners, alcohol, and mineral-based solvents. Avoid scourers and rough brushes and avoid contact with sharp objects which could chip or scratch the surface of your black matte door handles.

Assistance with choosing Matte Black Door Handles

Sometimes it’s a good idea to seek advice on the most seemingly minor interior design cosmetic choices. What appears like a minimal change can make a significant difference to your space, and as we offer a range of black door levers, black flush pull handles, and black finger pull handles, you want to ensure you make a suitable decision for your space.

Fortunately, our sales team are on hand to provide this advice. They are happy to help and can be contacted about our modern black door handles via email here: [email protected].

We deliver our black door handles across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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