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Heated Towel Rails

With a modern slimline design, our heated towel rail range provides hanging convenience and adds elegance to your bathroom.

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A bathroom is incomplete without a place to hang your towel. However, have you considered upgrading the trusty towel rack for an electric towel rail? Installing a heated towel rail will both upgrade your bathroom by including a luxury component and provide comforting, reassuringly heated towels as you leave the shower or freestanding bath during colder months.

Our Heated Towel Rails Range

Our Milani Heated Towel Rails are constructed from stainless steel and have a modern, slimline, aesthetic design that enriches bathroom spaces. Available in seven unique colours that include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, stainless steel, matte black, white and traditional chrome, our electric towel racks suit a multitude of interior design tastes. 

Our single heated towel rails are 600mm in length, providing generous hanging space for large towels. They have been specifically designed for singular or multiple horizontal mounting.

Heated Towel Rails FAQs

Why do you need a Heated Towel Rail?

The heated towel rail provides some much-needed towel heating convenience in your bathroom, particularly during those colder seasons. Their modern slimline design will seamlessly integrate into your bathroom wall or tiles for a naturally appealing look.

We recommend installing two or more single heated towel rails to optimise your towel heating and add a touch of consistency to your bathroom.

Can heated towel rails replace a radiator?

No, heated towel rails have not been designed to replace a radiator. While they provide a heat source, they are for heating towels primarily.

Can you leave heated towel rails on overnight?

Heated towel rails can indeed be left on at any time, night or day. However, we do recommend installing your heated towel rack for the bathroom with a timer to ensure it does not remain on for a long period of time.

Will heated towel rails heat a bathroom?

Our heated towel rails comfortably provide heat for your towels. However, it is recommended that you use two electric towel rails to fully heat a towel. As mentioned, while heated towel rails do provide a heat source, they will not necessarily ensure warmth for your entire bathroom.

Are heated towel rails safe?

Heated towel rails are perfectly safe if they are installed correctly by a licensed electrician. Again, we recommend the purchase of a timer to ensure your heated towel rail is not left on for an elongated length of time.

Do the heated towel rails come with a transformer?

No, you will be required to purchase a transformer separately for your towel rails to function. This can be purchased here. We recommended installing a maximum of three heated towel rails per transformer (excluding matte black and white finishes that should use no more than two transformers).  

Assistance with choosing Heated Towel Rails

For the best-heated towel rail in Australia, you should contact our team, who will be happy to provide knowledge and advice in helping make your purchase. Contact them via email: [email protected] while you could also consider going one step further and booking a free bathroom design consultation

Electrically heated towel rails are just part of an exciting range of bathroom accessories that we offer and include a diverse range of single and double standard towel rails. We also range an alluring range of freestanding baths and shower sets too. 

Please note: for your electric towel rail to function, you will need to purchase one of our electronic transformers.

For further advice, check out our blog, 'Bathroom Renovations: 9 Things You Need to Know.' 

We deliver our heated towel rails across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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