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Wall Hung Vanities

Our contemporary, highly functional wall hung vanities will beautifully define your bathroom.

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The centrepiece of the bathroom or powder room, wall-hung vanities (or floating vanities) should be stylish, sophisticated and provide convenience.  A floating bathroom vanity should also be aesthetically pleasing, come with durability assurance and provide superb functionality. 

Our Wall Hung Vanities Range

ABI’s range of wall-hung vanities combines a contemporary design with pleasing minimalism to provide a plush presentation. They enable you to customise the finish to suit your individual space and personal preference.

Our floating bathroom vanities are available in a range of colours and materials to help positively define your bathroom. ABI’s floating vanities will positively enrich your space with a range of pleasing contemporary designs. Tastefully appointed, these floating bathroom vanities embrace various styles and sizes and, being wall-mounted, enable you to integrate them with your bathroom easily.

ABI’s wall-hung vanity units range from a compact or elongated one-drawer design to some larger two-drawer or two-cupboard and two-drawer designs. There is also a resourceful double vanity option that incorporates open shelves.

Our compact Kyah incorporates a shelf underneath, and our elegant Rylan includes a row of drawers and is also available in additional finishes, including shaker. For example, for the sides and the drawers, you can choose to have the finishes in either white 2PAC, white ash oak, pure oak, black oak, walnut or white VJ.

We also feature the Addison, which has two rows of multiple drawers that can feature up to six with shelving in between as required.


Our Vanity Finishes 

Our wall-hung bathroom vanities are available in a range of appealing finishes to help define your space. These include pure oak, white ash oak, walnut, and black oak finishes for laminate surfaces. For our 2Pac surfaces, you have the option of either a simple flush white, smart white VJ or refined white Shaker.  

Our composite stone is a man-made stone that is lightweight and durable and available in a variety of colourways, including glacier white and Carrara. 

Our engineered quartz stone is synthesised by more than 80% quartz crystals with additional resin and other trace elements, ensuring these countertops are scratch-resistant. They are available in pure white, Carrara and Calacatta.


Our Vanity Construction 

Our wall-mounted vanities (or floating vanity units) are constructed from High-Density Moisture Resistant Particle Board for quality assurance. Either 2Pac or laminate is bonded to the surface of the cabinetry to complete the finish. 

2Pac stands for ‘Two Pack Paint’- an acrylic enamel paint system. This is a hardened paint finish that can be applied to cupboard doors and drawers. It begins as two liquids; one is a resin made up of acrylic paint and melamine, and the other contains a hardener called polyisocyanate resin. When these two liquids are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the mix to harden.  

Laminate is manufactured using resin-impregnated decorative paper bonded by heat and pressure to both sides of an MDF or particleboard sheet.

Wall Hung Vanities FAQs

Do your wall-hung vanity tops (or floating bathroom cabinet tops) come with pre-drilled holes?

Vanity tops do not include pre-cut holes. This is to be cut by the purchaser or their tradesperson at their discretion.

Can you tell me about the basin positioning for your wall-hung vanities?

Basin positioning for all ABI vanities is to be centred on the drawer fronts only. For example, if you choose a two-drawer vanity, your basin will be centred to the drawer front and installed on either the left or right side, or on both sides if you would prefer two basins. 

How do I best drill into the wall-mounted vanity unit?

Please consult the specification sheet for information on the best way to install your wall-hung bathroom vanity. 

Can I floor mount my wall-hung vanity?

Please note that our wall-hung bathroom vanities have been designed to be wall-hung (ie they are floating vanity units) and are not suitable for floor mounting.

Assistance with choosing Wall Hung Vanities

Speak to our friendly team about purchasing the right wall-hung vanities or floating vanities for your bathroom or powder room. You can contact them at (07) 5520 2775 or send any queries to: [email protected]  

We also sell freestanding vanities that would enrich your bathroom or powder room and vanity organisers that will transform your hidden space. We deliver wall-mounted vanities across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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