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Double Sinks

We sell a variety of elegantly designed double sinks to suit your kitchen space.

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Double kitchen sinks are all about providing convenient functionality in the kitchen. Originally designed to make dishwashing easier, with one bowl used for washing your plates and utensils and the other for rinsing them, double bowl kitchen sinks now function as multipurpose spaces that allow you to accomplish various kitchen tasks simultaneously. For example, you could be defrosting a meal in one sink, while washing dishes, filling up a jug or peeling fruit or vegetables in the other.

Our Double Sinks Range

Our double kitchen sinks are constructed from either stainless steel, granite or ceramic. Our stainless steel kitchen sinks also include matching wastes and protector sink racks to prevent tarnishing your finish as you wash up.

These double sinks for sale combine effortless functionality and pleasing aesthetics with peace-of-mind durability. They would all function well as double laundry sinks too, and our Vita and Zalo kitchen sinks are available in either brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal or stainless steel finishes. 

Our range of either top or double under-mounted sinks includes the Vita Double Kitchen Sink, the Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink, the Zalo Double Kitchen Sink, and the Vera Double Sink

We also range double bowl kitchen sinks with strainers. These are available in four finishes, and include the brushed brass Ontario Double Kitchen Sink with Strainer, the Brushed Brass Ontario Double Kitchen Sink with Strainer, the Brushed Gunmetal Ontario Double Kitchen Sink with Strainer, and the Brushed Nickel (Stainless Steel finish) Ontario Double Kitchen Sink with Strainer. 

Additionally, we sell double kitchen sinks that come with the convenience of both a strainer and a sink protector rack. These include the Stainless Steel Ontario Double Kitchen Sink with Strainer and Sink Protector Rack, the Brushed Copper Ontario Double Kitchen Sink with Strainer and Sink Protector Rack, and the Brushed Gunmetal Ontario Double Kitchen Sink with Strainer and Sink Protector Rack.

Double Sinks FAQs

Why do you need two sinks in a kitchen?

Double kitchen sinks are about providing multifunctional convenience in the modern kitchen where several tasks can be completed simultaneously. A double bowl under-mount sink or a double laundry trough could be used for: peeling fruit and vegetables, defrosting a meal, washing items in one sink while rinsing them in the other, soaking clothing with stubborn stains and filling up a jug whilst washing your utensils

Can ABI double sinks be wall-mounted?

No, our double bowl sinks are designed for either top mounting or under-mounting. They cannot be wall-mounted.

Can a double bowl kitchen sink be used externally?

ABI’s warranty does not cover the external use of double bowl kitchen sinks. This is due to this product being subjected to much harsher conditions, including UV light.

Assistance with choosing Double Sinks

With an array of double bowl, under-mount sinks or double strainer kitchen sinks to choose from it makes perfect sense to get some advice before you buy. Why not speak to our friendly team who can assist with selecting the perfect double drainer sink or big kitchen sink for you. 

You can email through any questions or queries you may have concerning our range of double kitchen sinks or double laundry sinks here:[email protected]

We deliver double sinks across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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