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Magnetic Knife Block

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Magnetic Knife Block

We sell space-saving magnetic knife holders with a minimal design that will give definition to your kitchen.

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    Kenzo Magnetic Knife Rack – Brushed Brass

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    Kenzo Magnetic Knife Rack – Stainless Steel

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    Kenzo Magnetic Knife Rack – Brushed Gunmetal

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    Kenzo Magnetic Knife Rack – Brushed Copper

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    Bamboo Knife Rack – Entertainer Series

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Buy Magnetic Knife Holders Online in Australia

Providing a place to store your entire knife set within easy reach, magnetic knife holders (or magnetic knife strips) are a hygienic alternative to a conventional knife block that also frees up kitchen bench space. We deliver our heated towel rails across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Hobart.

Magnetic Knife Blocks For Sale

Constructed from 304 stainless steel, our smart and easy-to-use range of magnetic knife holders come in four stylish finishes to suit any kitchen design. These colours include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal and stainless steel (as a finish). All these finishes, except stainless steel, are coated with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) – ABI’s Heat Shield – Industrial Grade Electro Colouring System to ensure durability.

With heavy-duty magnets to keep your knives firmly in place, magnetic knife bars are a convenient, space saving solution to easily storing your set of kitchen utensils. Our range of Kenzo Magnetic Knife Racks are considered amongst the best knife blocks and will make a positive impression that will enrich your space.

For convenience, listed below are the various finishes that our magnetic knife holders are available in:

7 Advantages of Magnetic Knife Holders

Below are some of the advantages of magnetic kitchen knife holders:

  • Increased Functionality – as opposed to knife blocks, magnetic knife holders help to keep knives sharp and stable by preventing contact with the blade.
  • More Hygienic – magnetic knife holders are easier to clean and more hygienic as they prevent the accumulation of dust, germs, and household grime.
  • Easier Drying – the knives placed on magnetic knife holders are exposed to the air which ensures quick drying.
  • Visibility – the complete visibility of your knife set enables you to easily extract the correct knife without having to memorise its position as in the slot of a knife block.
  • Versatility – due to its versatility, you can easily place other metallic utensils onto your magnetic knife holder.
  • Space Saving – magnetic knife holders are convenient space savers that can be mounted practically anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – magnetic knife blocks can be seamlessly incorporated into your kitchen due to their minimal design. They are also usually available in a number of colours to suit your style.

FAQs: Magnetic Knife Holders

How to care and clean your magnetic knife rack?

Please ensure you regularly clean your magnetic knife board with mild detergent or soap and water. Don’t use cream cleaners or bleach as these substances are abrasive. Also, don’t use cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces as this could scratch the stainless steel surface. 

Where to put magnetic knife holders?

It is best to install your magnetic knife block above the counter in a place that is easily accessible in your kitchen. However, as a safety measure, this should be in a space that isn’t easily accessible to children. Please also ensure your knife wall magnet is installed by a licenced tradesperson.  

How should I mount my knives upon the magnetic knife holder?

Please ensure your knives are pointing upwards, with the handles facing down for easy reaching access and in order to prevent injury. Also ensure that the knives are evenly spread, roughly an inch apart, across the magnetic knife stand for a tidy appearance.

Are magnetic knife holders safe?

Due to the magnetic structure of your knife holder, your knives are held tightly into position, without risk of dropping off. Please do ensure that you store your knives in an upright position with the handles facing down to avoid injury.

Are magnetic holders bad for knives?

Magnetic knife holders are perfectly safe for your knives. They keep your knives stable, help avoid unnecessary damage to your knife’s edge and are also a more hygienic method to storing your knives as opposed to traditional house knife blocks, which often accumulate dust and debris.

Help with selecting a universal knife block

If you have always used a conventional knife stand in your home, it might be difficult to make the transition to a magnetic knife holder. However, if you speak to our team they can talk you through the many benefits of this ultra-modern and easy-to-use knife holder appliance.

Alternatively, email through any questions or queries you may have concerning knife storage here: [email protected].

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