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Wall Mirrors

Our contemporary wall mirrors add greater dimension to your space.

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Wall mirrors increase the depth of field within a room and, therefore, can influence space creatively. 

Our Wall Mirrors Range

Constructed from 304 stainless steel to ensure superb durability, we offer a range of sophisticated wall mirrors that redefine spaces. 

We have 600mm and 800mm circular mirrors and illuminating double-trim LED mirrors provided in the exact sizes. 

Our wall mirrors are available in up to six finishes to help style your space. 

Bathroom Wall Mirrors  


Our wall mirrors are designed to function in high-humidity wet spaces; therefore, they are ideal as bathroom wall mirrors. 


Bedroom Wall Mirrors 


It is recommended to install wall mirrors throughout your home due to their space-enhancing qualities. 

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Wall Mirrors FAQs

What height to hang wall mirror?

This is purely down to personal preference. However, it is generally advised that a tall wall mirror should be approximately 1,200 - 1,650 mm off the floor. Smaller wall mirrors should be mounted lower to look balanced. 

For more advice, read our blog on How to Creatively Style Mirrors in Your Space.  

How are wall mirrors mounted?

All of our wall mirrors include Wall brackets and Philip head screws for mounting. It is advised to appoint a tradesperson to install your wall mirror.

Can a wall mirror be used in a bathroom?

Wall mirrors are versatile, however, whether they can be used in different rooms is dependant on the available wall space above your vanity. Our round stainless steel mirrors are ideal for bathroom spaces too. 

Assistance with choosing Wall Mirrors

Contact our team of experts to assist with your wall mirror purchase. You can email any enquiries to [email protected]. 

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