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Shower Rails

Our range of shower rails combine style with practicality to enrich your bathroom space.

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Sometimes you can overlook the essentials in a bathroom without realising it. A bathroom shower rail allows you to easily adjust your hand-held shower height for an effortless, stress-free showering experience.

Our Shower Rails Range

Our shower rails combine practicality and elegance and are available in various finishes to suit any architectural space. They neatly integrate the handheld shower, allowing for easy adjustability to accommodate people of all heights. We sell two different shower rail designs to suit your space.

Our Milani Shower Rail combines a rounded organic aesthetic with solid brass construction. Milani is available in six finishes that include brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, white and matte black.

Elegance and practicality are combined with the Ryla Round Shower Rail, which has extra-long tubing for maximum height adjustment. It is constructed from solid brass and is available in either brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, matte black or conventional chrome.

Shower Rails FAQs

How do I install shower rails?

Please ensure your bathroom shower rail is correctly installed on the wall by licenced tradespeople. An installation manual or specification sheet can be accessed online. This is listed under the ‘Product Documents’ tab on the relevant product page.

 How do I clean bathroom shower rails? 

Regularly clean your shower rail with mild liquid detergent or soap and water. Do not use cream cleaners or bleach as these substances are abrasive and may scratch your material. Also, avoid using cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces. Read our comprehensive Care Guide for further information.     

Can shower rails be used externally?

ABI’s warranty does not cover external use of shower rails due to the coatings being put under much harsher conditions and UV light. However, the structural integrity would be fine.

Assistance with choosing Shower Rails

We have a team of experts who can ensure you select the correct shower rail for your space. Either meet them in-store or contact them via email here:[email protected]

Why not check out our complete range of shower sets here or for guidance on selecting the shower components yourself, consult our Shower Set Checklist.  

Read our blog, ‘The Power of the Shower in Your Bathroom which explores some of the psychological health benefits of showering.

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