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Brushed Brass Towel Rails

We offer a range of functional and attractive brass towel rails to add convenience to your daily bathroom routine.

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Brass towel rails add timeless sophistication to any space and are perfectly incorporated into many bathroom design styles. They are equally as welcome in a contemporary bathroom as they are in a vintage-themed home. Providing a sturdy and appealing place to hang your towels will ensure they can dry thoroughly between uses while allowing the bathroom to appear organised and tidy.

Our Brushed Brass Towel Rails Range

Our brushed brass towel rails are available in several lengths and sizes, with the ability to hold a single towel or several, depending on your personal preference.

They are easy to install, highly practical, and aesthetically appealing.


Single Brass Towel Rails

A single brass towel rack is an ideal choice for spaces with few users, such as an ensuite. It works best when minimal linen is needed to be hung at any given time.

The Milani Single Towel Rail can incorporate minimalist luxury in your home and is the perfect accompaniment to a modern bathroom. It is made from solid brass for extra durability, ensuring it will act as a key feature in your space for many years to come. 

For multi-purpose versatility, opt for the more traditional Elysian Single Towel Rail. Thanks to its 73mm projection, this ingenious style can also function as a laundry rail, offering a useful place to hang or dry your clothes. By offering usability in both the bathroom and laundry, you can maintain a cohesive home by repeating your fixtures throughout.

Both of these styles feature a spacious 800mm width, giving your towel ample room to dry.


Double Brass Towel Rails

A double brass towel rail provides the benefit of additional towel capacity and is the most effective option for a family home or a frequently-used bathroom.

Our Vaada Double Towel Rail is a popular and contemporary option, featuring a double crossbar design for brilliant functionality at a width of 760mm. It is protected with ABI Heat Shield, which is an industrial-grade PVD electro colouring system that is corrosion-resistant while still being environmentally friendly.

A more expansive version of its single-railed counterpart, the Elysian Double Towel Rail is equally as elegant. At a width of 750mm, it can hold two full-sized towels, offering significant space to hang and dry. You can even install several of these brass towel rails in your room for additional towel space, while still maintaining a sleek and minimalistic theme. 


Brass Heated Towel Rails

A brass heated towel rail is a luxurious addition to your bathroom, offering a place to heat and dry your towels. 

Our Milani Heated Towel Rail is designed to mimic the style of the standard single-rail version, though is slightly shorter at a length of 600mm. It is constructed from durable stainless steel and can be easily installed into your existing wall or tiles. 

This brushed brass heated towel rail will require a compatible transformer to function. We recommend installing two or more brass heated towel rails to enhance heating functionality.


Brass Hand Towel Holders

After determining your preferred brushed brass towel rack style, you can create consistency in your space by selecting a matching brushed brass hand towel holder. This will provide a place for your hand towel to hang conveniently near your sink, reducing splashes around the bathroom.

The Milani Hand Towel Holder matches the soft, round form of the wider Milani range, just on a smaller scale. Its compact width of 220mm makes it easy to install in a variety of spaces and even small bathrooms.

The slimline design of the Vaada Hand Towel Holder also boasts the strength of the rest of our Vaada range, thanks to its ABI Heat Shield coating and high-grade stainless steel. It measures at a width of 250mm, which is slightly wider than the Milani Hand Towel Holder.

Brushed Brass Towel Rails FAQs

How many towel rails should you have in a bathroom?

The number of brass towel rails you choose to install will depend on personal preference, as well as how many people are using your space. At a minimum, your bathroom should feature at least one towel rail, with a double towel rail being most suitable if more than one person is hanging their towel. If you are installing heated towel rails, it is best to group at least two together to optimise the heating of your towel.

Where should you place towel rails in the bathroom?

Brass towel rails should be installed in an easily accessible place in your bathroom. Ideally, they should be placed near the access areas to your shower or bath, and approximately 1200mm above the floor. 

Our brass towel racks have been designed with multiple purchases in mind. Therefore, several towel rails can be mounted evenly across the wall either above or beneath each other at approximately a towel’s drop length apart. Heated towel rails may be placed closer together to provide optimal heating along the length of your towel.

Assistance with choosing Brushed Brass Towel Rails

If you need help with choosing the best brass towel rails for your project, feel free to contact our friendly team. You can get in touch on (07) 5520 2775, or send any email enquiries to: [email protected]. We deliver brushed brass towel rails across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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