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Glass Standoffs

Our stylish glass standoffs offer superb practicality and durability. They are also available in a range of finishes.

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Glass standoffs are about securely holding glass panels into place. They are highly versatile and are used for point-fixing glass panels both internally and externally. They are commonly used for securing glass panels on balconies, staircases and decking.  

Our Glass Standoffs Range

Our range of glass standoffs will provide the perfect finishing touch. Modern and sleek in design, they are constructed from 304 stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability. For convenience, they also come with all the necessary standoff screws for your installation. They are available in a range of stylish finishes too to enhance your space. These finishes include brushed brass, brushed gunmetal, stainless steel and brushed copper. 

Glass Standoffs FAQs

What is the maximum weight that each Kenley Glass Standoff can hold?

The recommended maximum weight is 7kg per Kenley Glass Standoff.

Are your glass standoffs suitable for installing into blockwork or concrete?

Please note that while they would be suitable for installing into blockwork and concrete, the appropriate plugs are required for this purpose. These plugs are not included and would have to be purchased separately.

Do your glass standoffs come with the required standoff screws?

Yes, our glass standoffs come with all the screws that are required for installation.

Can I install these glass standoffs myself?

This product must be installed by a licensed tradesman. A general installation guide is available under the product document tabs. However, there are many factors that are involved that can alter the installation method.

How should I clean my glass standoffs?

Clean your product with mild liquid detergent or soap and water. Do not use cream cleaners or bleach as these substances are abrasive. Do not use cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces as this could scratch the surface and compromise the look of your finish.  

Assistance with choosing Glass Standoffs

If you require help with purchasing some glass standoffs for your home please contact our team. Alternatively, you can send an email to: [email protected].​​ ABI glass standoffs are sold across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart. 

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