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Laundry Accessories Guide

The laundry is one of the home's most functional and frequented rooms, and, with careful consideration, can fulfil its potential in both form and function.

ABI Interiors

After the main features of your laundry are in place, selecting the right accessories will make it both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve put together a useful guide to help you decide which products will benefit you and when best to use them.

When to Consider New Laundry Accessories

You are building a new home.

You are renovating your existing laundry.

Your existing tap or mixers are damaged or show signs of wear and tear.

You want additional functionality for your standard tap.

You don’t like the aesthetic of your current one and wish to change it.

You desire more organisation and efficiency in your laundry.

When deciding on the best laundry accessories, some helpful questions to consider include:

- How much space do you have to work with?

- Where will your accessories belong?

- How often will you be using these accessories — do they need to be durable?

- Will they be visible or not?

- Do they need to be compatible with any existing features?

With these considerations in mind, you can compare the different types of laundry accessories and their finishes to determine which will work best in your space.

Types of Laundry Accessories

ABI Interiors

Towel Rails

While they may be a more obvious feature in your bathroom, with some clever positioning, towel rails can also provide convenience in the laundry. Towel rails can feature single or double rail designs and can be either mounted on the wall for wet towels or on the underside of a shelf to function as a hanging rail.

Alternatively, towel rails can also be equipped with heating features. Your choice of the best heated towel rack for your laundry room depends on how often you anticipate needing warmed garments or towels. For occasional heating, or if you are short of space, consider a single rail design, like our Milani Heated Towel Rail. However, our Elysian Heated Towel Ladder, featuring multiple heating rails, might be more suitable if your laundry area sees heavy usage. Regardless of style, towel rails are one of the best laundry accessories you can include in your design.

Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are more than just a bathroom accessory; they can also make a functional design statement. The advantage of choosing a hook over a towel rack is that they take up less space providing you with more options for placement and greater design opportunities. Also, depending on the hook size, they are suitable for storing brooms, mops, and other cleaning products that are too tall for cupboards.

Hand Towel Holders

We consider our Elysian Hand Towel Holder to be the best hand towel holder. However, it is far more versatile than just a hand or paper towel holder; it can also be used as a smock holder for arts and crafts or as a place to hang bags should they not fit on a towel hook. With its minimalist design, the options are endless.

Laundry Shelves

Extra shelf space in your laundry is always convenient. Our shower caddies and shelves can be repurposed as handy laundry shelves to store all your cleaning items. Products can be either stored inside or (with the hanging clips provided) hung from the caddy for instant accessibility.  Laundry shelves are best installed above the laundry sink for easy access. However, they can also be installed within cupboards for organisation and storage.

Magnetic Knife Rack

Loose metal items such as tweezers, screws, or scissors can easily get lost in drawers or forgotten about in pants due to be washed. A magnetic knife rack can be adopted into the laundry to keep all metal utensils in one convenient spot of your choosing. Magnetic knife racks are best installed near or above the washing machine and sink areas for easy accessibility when clearing pockets before washing.


Sourcing the best sink drainer for your laundry room isn’t complex. However, it is often a forgotten design opportunity as they tend to be categorised as a necessity rather than an accessory. With a range of finishes and styles available, wastes can be both practical and visually appealing, lending the space an air of sophistication from the ground up.

Sink wastes, or sink drainers, feature a basket-shaped filter that prevents debris, such as chunks of dirt, cleaning supplies, or fallen scrap from clothes’ pockets, from entering your drain and clogging the pipes. The basket waste can also be easily cleaned by simply lifting it out and emptying the contents into the bin. Matching your tapware and sink waste can provide uniformity in your laundry design.

Incorporating floor wastes or channels in your laundry is crucial for safety, but that doesn't imply compromising on their aesthetic appeal. Our range of floor wastes and channels are available in various sizes and finishes that will suit an array of schemes. For a flawlessly sleek appearance that harmoniously integrates with your current flooring, explore our Pixi tile insert range, meticulously crafted to incorporate a cutout of your existing tiles for a flush and harmonious finish.

Sink Protector

For tasks that involve sharper items or DIY tools, a sink protector can protect the condition of your sink. Choosing the best sink protector hinges on the primary purpose for which you'll be utilising the sink. To secure cost-effective, easily tailored protection, opt for a silicone mat or a colander-like sink rack with handles for occasional use. For a durable, long-lasting protector, consider a metal grid that elevates slightly above the sink, ensuring optimal water circulation and aeration, such as our Sink Protector Racks.

Every rack protector featured on our website is meticulously designed to match our wide range of sink styles. Crafted using sturdy 304 stainless steel, these racks guarantee enduring strength. Elevated by safeguarding rubber feet and a convenient waste cut-out, they allow you to maintain the sink protector in position, even when the sink isn't used for washing.

Over Sink Colander

When it comes to drying objects or containers post-use, especially large buckets, a drying rack or an over-sink colander proves beneficial, ensuring efficient aeration. Opting for the best over-sink colander for your available space will again be contingent on your budget and preferred style.

Numerous designs offer a stacked arrangement within a plastic or metal framework; however, these options may present challenges regarding storage and compatibility with certain items' sizes. Consider our Penelope Kitchen Sink Drainer, constructed from durable 304 stainless steel, for a lasting and innovative solution. This drainer mat can be quickly unfurled onto the sink's surface and secured by self-gripping rubbers that attach to your countertop or stainless steel sink. Once you're done, roll up the mat for effortless, space-saving storage.

Alternatively, our Felicity Kitchen Sink Colander sits neatly on top of the sink’s edges for a semi-permanent option that won't get in the way of everyday use. It is ideal for storing detergents and cleaning solutions that need to be accessed more frequently.

Laundry Accessories Finishes

At ABI Interiors, our extensive selection of accessories are available in various finishes for optimised design capabilities.

To enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of our coloured brushed finishes, we apply ABI HeatShield PVD Electro Colouring System to each variant. This meticulous process extends to our range of brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, and brushed brass accessories. Similarly, our chrome and matte black accessories are coated with Advanced Electroplating Application (AEA) for a long-lasting, durable matte finish, and our range of white accessories are covered with PrimeShield Lacquer Technology for a high-impact
and durable lacquer finish.

Design Tips

When deciding on a finish, it's essential to consider your overall colour scheme, the style of your tapware, and whether you want the finish to stand out or blend in with the design. Additionally, take into account the desired impact or impression you want your accessories to create.


For instance, a brushed brass finish implements warmth and timeless glamour into your space, whereas brushed gunmetal or matte black adds a touch of sophistication and an evocative ambience. For refined elegance and timeless appeal, go with a staple finish, such as brushed nickel or stainless steel, but for a homely feel that complements more rustic interiors, go for brushed copper. Finally, opt for the simplicity of white for a clean, sleek aesthetic and modern alternative to stainless steel.

Additional Considerations When Choosing Laundry Accessories

Cabinetry Handles

Cabinetry handles are a crucial aspect of laundry design. These small yet impactful details can transform the overall look of cabinets and drawers and create optimal functionality. Cabinetry handles come in a variety of designs and finishes and should be considered when choosing your other accessories for a unified look. For more information, view our cabinet handle guide for an informed choice.

Washing Machine Stops

If your washing machine stops are visible, match them with your existing tapware and waste components to establish a seamless visual continuity. This unexpected touch not only introduces an element of intrigue to your wall but also imparts an elevated sense of sophistication to the entire scheme.

Door Hardware

Like wastes, hardware can also easily be overlooked. While considerable investments like sinks, tapware, and cabinetry hold importance, the finer points elevate a space and imbue it with an air of luxury. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Harmonising the door handles and room hinges with the other accessories helps creates a seamless, opulent aesthetic. View our entire collection of door hardware here.

Laundry spaces hold the potential for more than just functionality; they can be artfully transformed with thoughtful interior design planning and deliberation. Whether you're building a new home, renovating, seeking additional functionality, or simply aiming for better organisation and efficiency, ABI Interiors offers an extensive array 
of accessories that will enrich your laundry experience in both pragmatic and aesthetic dimensions.

By considering these aspects, you can effectively compare and select the most suitable laundry accessories and finishes to optimise your space and elevate its overall appeal, ensuring factors such as durability, compatibility, style, and budget are guiding principles in shaping your decision-making process.

For further assistance in selecting the best laundry taps for your home, please contact us below.

Alternatively, you can book a complimentary design consultation for personalised advice from our experienced team in-store or online.

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