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Laundry Sinks Guide

Whether for daily tasks such as filling up mop buckets, soaking stained clothes, or washing pets, choosing a laundry sink that can keep up with life’s daily demands is essential.

ABI Interiors

In this laundry sink buying guide, we’ll outline the many considerations to help you choose a laundry sink that ticks all the boxes and integrates seamlessly into your space.

When to Consider
a New Laundry Sink

You are building a new home.

You are renovating your existing laundry.

Your existing sink is damaged or has signs of wear and tear.

The current sink does not provide adequate functionality for your needs.

You don’t like the aesthetic of your current sink and wish to change it.

How to Choose a Laundry Sink

Some helpful questions to consider include:

How often do you use it?
Do you wash your pets in it?
What’s the overall design of your laundry room?
What kind of countertops and cabinetry do you have?
Will you be using harsh chemicals in it?
Do you use it to fill up buckets?
What type of tapware do you have or will be installing?

With these considerations in mind, you can compare the different types of laundry sinks and their finishes to determine which will work best in your space.

Types of Laundry Sinks

ABI Interiors

Top-Mount Sinks

Top-mount sinks, also called ‘drop-in’ or ‘inset’, are sinks installed into the bench with an exposed lip or rim above the sink unit. This lip holds the sink up on the benchtop. Top-mount sinks are particularly beneficial for those who want to protect or maintain fragile benchtops made from stone or marble; the lip protects the edges and prevents damage from accidental hits or rough usage. Their simple installation means they are easy to replace should you wish to redesign your space.


Price Range: 
$258.93 — $939.90

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are installed underneath the bench, with no exposed lip, for a more seamless worktop integration. An undermount sink requires less bench space than a top-mount sink, and its seamless design makes cleaning a breeze as you can wipe directly into the sink without having to navigate the lip. Our range of laundry sinks can be mounted either above or below the bench, depending on personal preference.


Price Range: 
$399.90 — $869.90

Farmhouse Sinks

Commonly referred to as a ‘butler’, ‘French’, or ‘apron’ style sink, the farmhouse sink is traditionally found in Victorian-style homes, cottages, and farmhouses. By design, farmhouse sinks are large, deep, undermount sinks that have an exposed front-facing side. In recent years, the farmhouse sink has seen a contemporary revival and is now available in a range of textures and modern finishes, such as granite, stone, and stainless steel. Our Belfast Farmhouse Sink is an excellent example, with its 304 stainless steel construction, full-depth front, and sleek, brushed finish.

For a more classic look, our Henley Fluted Farmhouse Sink combines practicality with rustic character, featuring a fluted design in gloss white, available in a single or double basin design. Similarly, our Hartley Farmhouse Sink is available in a smooth or fluted design, available in a gloss white or satin black finish. It provides the option of a small single sink or a larger single or double sink design. The Hartley is constructed from highly durable fireclay that’s resistant to scratching, ensuring its longevity for years to come.


Price Range: 
$79.90 — $719.90

Laundry Sink Sizes

The average size for a laundry sink is much larger than you would find in a bathroom or kitchen, ranging between 510mm to 600mm long and 450mm to 500mm wide. Laundry sinks should hold a minimum of 30 litres to make completing daily tasks comfortable and easy. Whether you choose a single or double-sink design depends on your aesthetic preferences and available space.


Price Range: 
$289.90 — $1,119.90

Double Sinks

Double sinks offer dual basins, allowing for efficient multitasking and improved workflow. They’re rarely found in the standard laundry room; however, this doesn’t mean it isn’t a notable option. If you’re a keen DIYer or have a larger family, this may be a good option, as you can have one side in use while the other remains free for everyday tasks. Our double sink options include our Zalo, Vita, Henley, Vienna and Hartley styles, available in fireclay, white granite, and our signature metal finishes to suit a range of design schemes.


Price Range: 
$580.93 — $1,119.90

Laundry Sink Finishes

Traditional ceramic laundry sinks are still widely popular today. However, in contemporary laundries, homeowners are branching out to various finishes and textures to find a sink that best encapsulates their style and use of the space. The most popular laundry sink materials include stainless steel, ceramic, and composite.

Stainless Steel

In recent years, more people have been opting for a stainless steel laundry sink due to its durability and the versatility of its finishes, such as our signature colours: brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and standard stainless steel. Our range of stainless steel sinks includes Ohelu, Vita, Seba, Zalo, Vari, Ontario, Belfast, and Jai.

Although robust, stainless steel is likely to scratch, so it’s best not to use abrasive scourers and cleaners or drop sharp objects into it. You can also purchase a sink protector like the Seba/Belfast Sink Protector.

To enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of our coloured brushed finishes, we apply ABI HeatShield PVD Electro Colouring System to each variant. This meticulous process extends to our range of brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, and brushed brass laundry sinks. Please note that, while robust, our finishes are not resistant to bleach or other harsh chemicals, so it’s best to read the care instructions for your sink to ensure it meets your needs before purchasing.


Ceramic laundry sinks are a popular choice for those wanting a timeless design. With a glazed, white exterior, ceramic sinks complement homes that reflect a farmhouse, traditional, or Hamptons aesthetic.
At ABI Interiors, our ceramic glaze is scratch-resistant and will resist yellowing for many years. You can find this glaze on our Kalista Ceramic Single Sink and on the elegant Henley Fluted Farmhouse Sink's single and double sink variations.


Composite sinks are primarily made up of a mixture of quartz granite particles and resin to create a natural stone look. They are highly durable against knocks and scratches and far more affordable than their natural stone counterparts.

However, they can be damaged by extreme heat, and the colour can be affected by bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals. With this in mind, it’s best to clean any of our sinks with our Product Care Guide. Composite sinks are also the heaviest of all sink options and require structural support beneath the bench.

ABI Interiors’ two signature composite colours, Vera Black Granite and Vienna White Granite, lend texture and sophistication to any laundry design and are available in round, single and double-sink variations.

Additional Considerations When Choosing a Laundry Sink

When choosing your laundry sink, consider other design elements such as tapware, sink wastes, cabinetry handles, and laundry accessories.

Laundry Tapware

Laundry sinks and tapware go hand-in-hand. Planning ahead of time which fixtures you want to include will ensure that you have ample space and that each item functions seamlessly. For example, if you choose a top-mount sink, a wall-mounted tap and mixer will be a better use of space, as it won’t overcrowd the countertop.


We offer an extensive range of tapware styles and finishes to enhance your space and complement the overall design of your laundry. For more information, please see our Laundry Tapware Buying Guide.


Sink Wastes

Sink wastes provide practical drainage convenience. They feature a basket-shaped filter that prevents debris — such as chunks of dirt or items left in children’s uniform pockets — from entering your drain and clogging the pipes. The basket waste can also be easily cleaned by simply lifting it out and emptying the contents into the bin. Available in a range of finishes, sink wastes can either match your sink or be a contrasting focal point.


Laundry Accessories

Other laundry accessories such as shelving, hooks, and floor wastes should be considered when choosing your laundry sink to ensure they tie in with the room's overall design, particularly regarding their finish, proximity to the sink, and size. This ensures that your laundry room is practical and feels cohesive and well-balanced.


Laundry Sink Installation and Plumbing Considerations

To ensure your laundry sink is fitted and sealed correctly, we advise hiring a professional to install it.

Additionally, if you’re replacing your existing sink but not the benchtop, the cut-out will need to be suitable for the size and shape of the new sink. You may be able to install a larger sink by expanding the cut-out, but it’s not recommended to use a smaller sink than the original — this will most likely require a whole new benchtop.

It's important to remember that due to their size and weight, farmhouse sinks may require custom cabinetry. If you’re considering a farmhouse sink, we recommend you speak with a cabinet maker or kitchen designer to ensure your vision is executed successfully. On the other hand, undermount and top-mount sinks can be installed towards the end of a build as it only requires cutting out part of the countertop.

  If you’re still having trouble deciding what laundry sink is best suited for you, we recommend asking the advice of a trusted tradesperson or building manager when renovating or beginning a new build. They can give personalised recommendations that will best suit your layout and budget.

Choosing the right laundry sink for your space depends on your budget, available space, personal style, and how often you’ll likely use it. For further assistance in selecting the best laundry sink for your home, please contact us below.

For further assistance in selecting the best laundry taps for your home, please contact us below.

Alternatively, you can book a complimentary design consultation for personalised advice from our experienced team in-store or online.

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