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Solid Surface Baths

Our range of solid surface baths will turn a mundane space into something extraordinary.

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Strengthening your bathroom space, solid surface baths offer a superior bathing experience that turns bath time into something to truly savour.  
Thanks to their unique properties, solid surface baths have a smooth texture with heat retention, which means bathing can naturally last longer without the need to add hot water. 

Our Solid Surface Baths Range

ABI offers a range of beautifully sculptured solid surface baths that redefine bathroom spaces. All of our solid surface freestanding baths have a pleasing matte white finish that helps to positively define spaces. They also come with built-in overflows for peace-of-mind assurance.
Two-person solid surface tubs rarely come as opulent as the oval Odelia freestanding bath. Our 1800mm sculptural masterpiece enriches bathtime experiences and would easily make the perfect centrepiece in any bathroom. 

The 1600mm Tyla Solid Surface Freestanding Bath equally impresses with its deep design and stylish thick edges. This solid surface freestanding bath would reinforce your space to create the ultimate relaxing sanctuary. 

We also range the Kada Solid Surface Freestanding Bath that would create a distinctive point of difference in any bathroom space. Its ample size and oval shape help you to lay back and really relax in your tub, turning your bath time into an unforgettable and thoroughly therapeutic experience. 

Solid Surface Baths FAQs

What are the properties of a solid surface freestanding bath? 

Solid surface (acrylic resin + aluminium hydroxide + pigment) is a man-made composite stone and is known for its strength and resistant properties. Also, solid surface baths help to retain heat for up to 50% longer than acrylic baths. This ensures you can soak for longer.

What is the difference between a solid surface bath and one that is made from acrylic and which is more durable?

Solid surface baths have a smooth texture and heat-retention which means bathing can last longer without the need to add hot water.

Acrylic construction technology has the benefits of quality thermal insulation along with anti-scratch properties for reassuring durability.

How should I clean solid surface baths?

Fortunately, a solid surface bath is easy to maintain using natural cleaning products. Apply warm soapy water with a microfibre cloth to remove the majority of markings, otherwise, use a cream-based cleanser. For the matte white solid surface, fine-grade sandpaper can be used to remove stains or markings in some instances.

Assistance with choosing Solid Surface Baths

It’s always a good idea to get some assistance when purchasing a solid surface freestanding bath. Fortunately, we have an attentive team who can provide you with invaluable advice to ensure you make the perfect purchase. You can contact them here or email any questions to: [email protected].

Why not check out our entire range of freestanding baths. 

For further information about bathing and why it’s so good for you, read our blog, ‘The Therapy of Taking A Bath: Why It’s The Highlight of Any Bathroom.’ 

​​ABI solid surface freestanding baths are sold across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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