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Bath Caddies

We offer streamlined bath caddies to store your sanitary items while soaking.

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When it’s time to unwind in a relaxing bath, it’s good to have everything within reach. A bath caddy is an ideal accessory to store your sanitary items and personal belongings conveniently. 

These bath trays should be sturdy, easy to install and accommodate a variety of accessible items.

Our Bath Caddies Range

As part of our Maya Bathroom Accessories range, the seamless and resourceful Maya Bath Caddy would sit comfortably upon your ABI bath.

Defined by its multi-functionality, the tablet support has flexible silicone locators on the underside to enable easy adjustment. It also includes a soap bar holder and wine glass holder. 

Our bath caddies have a solid surface construction and matte white finish, with a minimal design to enhance your bathroom space. 

Please Note: The Maya Bath Caddy has a maximum bath width of 800mm and has been specially designed to accommodate all ABI Freestanding Baths. However, while it does not suit our round Ukiyo Freestanding Bath, you could install it sideways. Our Maya Bathroom Accessories range also includes our Maya Shower Caddy and Maya Soap Dish Shelf.

Bath Caddies FAQs

Can I install this bath tray myself?

Yes, the Maya Bath Caddy has been designed for easy self-installation.

Can the tablet support accommodate any book or tablet size?

Yes, our tablet support can accommodate most magazine, tablet, and book sizes.

Is this bath tub caddy compatible with any bath?

Please note that our Maya Bath Caddy has been specifically designed to accommodate ABI's range of freestanding baths.

What items are included with this purchase?

You will receive a bath caddy platform, tablet rest, and book stopper.

How should I clean my bath caddy tray?

Clean any marks or stains as soon as they occur. Clean with either warm soapy water, a cream-based cleanser, or a microfibre cloth. A solid surface construction is easy to maintain using natural cleaning products.

For matte white solid surface products, fine-grade sandpaper can be used to remove stains or markings in some instances. You can also use a magic sponge with water for cleaning. 

For comprehensive cleaning instructions, please refer to our care guide.

How stable is the bath caddy?

Our Maya Bath Caddy uses anti-slip silicone pads to keep the unit in place.

Assistance with choosing Bath Caddies

For assistance purchasing bath caddies, speak to our friendly team. You can contact us at (07) 5520 2775 or send any enquiries to [email protected].

We deliver bath trays across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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