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Buy Feature Tiles & Mosaic Tiles Online in Australia

ABI offers a range of contemporary feature tiles and mosaic tiles that are perfect for wall tiles, shower niches, bathroom feature tiles walls and splashbacks. They will bring a unique texture and pattern into your space. Our mosaic tiles are both practical and beautiful, giving you a professional finish with limited waste.

We deliver our mosaics and feature tiles across Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, and Hobart.

Our Feature Wall Tiles and Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Due to the natural composition of our mosaic and feature tiles, no two are likely to be the same. Contrasts in colour, pattern, texture and veining are often present, making the mosaic designs unique. Choose some stylish feature shower tiles, bathroom feature wall tiles or kitchen feature tiles to complement your space, from our range of timeless Herringbone mosaic tiles, including the Carrara Marble Herringbone, and unique Calacatta Tic Tac Mosaic.

Tips for Choosing Mosaics for your Bathroom Feature Tiles

Feature tiles and mosaics can add some personality to your bathroom. They are most commonly used to create a feature wall in your shower, around your vanity unit, or behind a freestanding bathtub.

Start by considering tile size. We offer mosaics in a variety of tile sizes, from our Verde Square Mosaic with 73x73x8mm tiles, to our Mini Kit Kat mosaic pieces with 47x14x8mm tiles. Bathroom feature wall tiles can make a small space feel larger, while smaller tiles draw attention to intricate details.

Another consideration is colour and texture. To stand out, your feature tiles or stone mosaic tiles should be in a colour or texture that contrasts or compliments the rest of your bathroom tiles. Our Carrara and Calacatta Marble Mosaic tiles offer a unique veined texture creating an atmosphere of elegance, while our Travertine Tic Tac offers a rustic provincial feature into your home.

Please note that due to the natural composition of our stone mosaic tiles, no two tend to be the same. Contrasts and irregularities in colour, pattern, texture, and veining are likely to be present, this helps to personalise your tile and make it more unique.

Our Mosaics & feature tiles

We have a broad selection of mosaic tiles for sale. These include marble mosaics, finger mosaic tiles, Herringbone mosaic tiles, white mosaic tiles, grey mosaic tiles and white feature tiles.

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FAQs About Mosaics

Can mosaics be used outside?

While they can be used to style an outside area, ABI’s warranty does not cover external use for Mosaics due to harsher conditions and exposure to UV light.

What is a feature tile?

Feature tiles help to bring stylistic distinction into your home interiors. Their unique textural qualities evoke character into a room, helping to define an area, highlight a feature or provide a contrast. For example, they could be used as a bathroom feature tile to define the wall behind a freestanding bath or shower, for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash or to even decorate multiple walls in a room.

Where to put feature tiles in your bathroom

You can use feature tiles to make a statement or highlight an area of a bathroom. For example, a clean and simple wall tiles could compliment your space, or you could experiment with more colour and texture to define a backsplash.

Deciding where to place feature tiles is down to personal preference. We suggest contacting our friendly sales team at: [email protected].
You could also book a free online design consultation.

How should I maintain and care for my mosaics?

For natural stone, seal with a natural stone sealant prior to first use and repeat if necessary. Regularly clean your mosaics with a natural detergent or stone soap. Thoroughly rinse with clean/clear water and then dry the surface with a soft cloth.

CAUTION: Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaners. This includes bleach and bleaching agents, ammonium and ammonium agents, highly acidic cleaners, and alcohol and mineral-based solvents.

Limit exposure to high levels of salt. If your product comes into contact with any of these chemicals, rinse immediately with warm soapy water. Also, avoid scourers and rough brushes for cleaning. Avoid contact with sharp objects which could chip or scratch the surface. Do not put heat directly on the surface.

Help with Purchasing Feature Tiles and Mosaics Online?

Need a hand with styling your space with feature tiles or mosaic wall tiles? Speak to our helpful team who are ready to answer any queries you may have here: [email protected].