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Cabinetry Knobs

Our sophisticated and functional cabinetry knobs are designed to optimise your experience in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or bedroom.

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Cabinetry knobs are an important accessory in any home. They should provide effortless access to your cabinetry while helping to subtly enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.  Though they may seem an insignificant feature, they have a considerable effect on your final design. They can offer a simple solution to upgrading your home without having to complete a full renovation.

Our Cabinetry Knobs Range

Our range of long-lasting options is designed to complement an endless number of tastes and styles. There will be an ideal product for your cupboards, cabinets, slim, or heavy drawers. 

Our cabinetry knob designs range from sleek and simple to detailed and decorative. They are available in a wide range of shapes, from modern round designs to refined rectangular cabinetry pulls.

For something more unique, we offer wooden knobs for cabinets to incorporate more character into your home.

Often, it’s the fine details and finishing touches that make the greatest impact on your space. Cabinetry knobs are no exception, providing the perfect option for completely customising your project.


Round Cabinetry Knobs 

Our selection of round cabinet knobs offers timeless elegance and functionality to your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. The flowing edges of circular shapes are easily integrated into many spaces and styles of interior design.

The Elsa is constructed from solid brass for durability, with a smooth surface that is comfortable to grip. It is extremely versatile and available in our range of signature finishes, including white, matte black, brushed brass, brushed nickel, brushed copper, and brushed gunmetal.

For a more unique option for bathroom cabinet knobs, opt for a textured handle such as the intricately detailed Tezra.

Installing round cabinet knobs is an effective way of softening your space and improving the flow between elements.


Half-Moon Cabinetry Pulls  

Add organic curves to your contemporary home design with a semi-circle cabinetry pull. Half-moon handles are a classic design that have been reintroduced into contemporary interiors.

Scalo is an elegant upgrade to a traditional style, with the versatility of both vertical or horizontal installation.

For a slightly larger option, Imes is a solid and robust half-moon cabinetry pull which makes accessing the contents of your cabinet quick and effortless.


Straight-Edge Cabinetry Pulls 

The clean lines of straight cabinetry handles make this style easy to integrate into any home. They act as a sleek, simple accent that remains timeless.

You may be drawn to the minimal, edgy design of Tezra, easy to grab and available in a range of colours including matte black, brushed nickel, and brushed gunmetal.

Or, you may prefer the more seamless style of Beta, with a robust construction that offers straightforward installation and is available in two sizes.

Finally, you can experience the functional benefits of the classic T-bar design with our Tezra Cabinetry T Pull, also offered in a diverse range of colours.


Timber Cabinet Pulls 

To add a sense of warmth and texture, wooden cabinetry handles are a classic option that can translate perfectly into either a traditional or modern space.

The functional and stylish shape of the Hegman Round is conveniently available in four sizes (28mm, 60mm, 90mm, and 200mm). They feature a water-resistant polyurethane coating as an added layer of protection to improve longevity.

For a more luxurious option, we also offer the Hegman Half-Moon, which comes in a pair to create symmetry in your design.

Straight lines have been combined with curved edges in the Hegman Classic and Hegman Kurve, merging the best of both styles in these characterful timber cabinet pulls.

Cabinetry Knobs FAQs

Can your modern cabinet handles be used on integrated fridges and dishwashers?

Implementing our cabinet knobs on these types of integrated appliances comes down to individual personal preference and will be determined by the person who installs the item.

Can cabinetry handles be used as a robe hook? 

Unfortunately, these cabinetry handles cannot be used as robe hooks, due to the design specifications and wall installation process. Instead, we offer the Milani Robe Hook, the Vaada Robe Hook, and the Elysian Robe Hook in a variety of finishes to meet these requirements.

Assistance with choosing Cabinetry Knobs

If you need advice or guidance with your cabinetry knobs, please get in touch with us here and our Sales team will be more than happy to assist you. 

Alternatively, any enquiries about our cabinet handles, and knobs can be addressed via email to: [email protected].  

ABI Interiors' cabinetry knobs are sold across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart. 

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