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Feature tiles & mosaics

Often the smallest details can make the strongest statements, especially when it comes to feature tiles and mosaics. The tiles you choose have a significant effect on the overall atmosphere and feel of your bathroom, from bright and spacious, to luxurious and intimate. The right tiles and mosaics can create a stunning feature in your bathroom or as a kitchen splashback in your kitchen.

ABI offers a range of contemporary feature tiles and mosaics that are perfect for feature walls, shower niches, bathroom walls and splashbacks. They bring a unique texture and pattern into your space, for an instant touch of luxury. Our mosaic sheets are both practical and beautiful, giving you a professional finish with limited waste.

Due to the natural composition of our tiles, no two are likely to be the same. Contrasts in colour, pattern, texture and veining are often present, making your tile that little bit more unique. Choose a design to complement your bathroom’s style, from our timeless Herringbone Carrara Marble, to our unique Calacatta Tic Tac Mosaic.

Tips for choosing feature tiles and mosaics for your bathroom

Feature tiles and mosaics can add luxurious and personal flair to your bathroom. They are most commonly used to create a feature wall in your shower, around your vanity unit, or behind a freestanding bathtub.

Start by considering tile size. We offer mosaics with a variety of tile sizes, from our Verde Square Mosaic with 73mm tiles, to our stylish Mini Kit Kat design with 47 x 14mm tiles. Larger tile sizes can make a small bathroom feel more spacious, while smaller tiles can create intricate detailing that draws in your eye. Remember to take your bathroom’s dimensions into consideration and ensure your selection is proportionate to your space.

The next consideration is colour and texture. In order to stand out, your feature tiles or mosaics should be in a colour or texture that contrasts or compliments the rest of your bathroom tiles. Our Carrara and Calacatta Marble Mosaics offer a unique veined texture that creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance. For those looking for contrasting colours, our Penny Round Mosaic is available in a stunning black, while our Travertine Tic Tac brings a gorgeous summer colouring.

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