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Matte Black Showers

Our range of matte black shower heads will provide an eye-catching contrast in your bathroom.

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Matte black shower heads can be considered the new chrome. As a contemporary staple in the home, these products will help to enhance your space. In addition to its space-transforming aesthetic qualities, matte black shower heads should offer peace of mind durability and functionality.

Our Matte Black Showers Range

ABI has a stunning matte black shower range that transforms bathroom spaces and enables you to coordinate your bathroom accessories easily. This includes matte black shower heads, matte black shower hoses, matte black handheld shower heads, matte black shower rails and matte black shower head sets.


Matte Black Shower Heads

Our Round Shower Head is a premium product that utilises a finely distributed water system to give you entire coverage while you shower. With 180 rubberised outlets, a matte black shower head provides reassuring consistency, vibration, and insulation during usage and looks stunning against a white wall.

Alternatively, our Cara Square Shower Head is a matte black shower head with a sharper square design that is equally complemented by a finely distributed water system that gives you entire coverage as you shower.


Matte Black Handheld Shower Heads

Our Curved Hand Shower is a matte black handheld shower head with a slimline design that uses a direct water jet system for efficient water use. Also available in seven alternative colours, this alluring fixture has rubberised outlets that precisely minimise vibration and project water.

We also range the Hand Shower. This is a medium-sized matte black handheld shower head that offers three functions: standard, jet, and combination and is also available in five alternative colours.


Matte Black Shower Head Sets

The Finley Shower Rail Set is available in six colours including matte black. It has an appealingly streamlined all-in-one design that is complemented by effortless functionality and durability.

The set consists of a matte black rain shower head, the aforementioned Curved Hand Shower, and a shower diverter to easily switch between the two functions.

Please note: that this matte black shower head set does not include a mixer. This can be purchased separately from our shower mixer selection here.


Matte Black Shower Rails

To compliment your matte black shower head, why not also consider purchasing one of our matte black shower rails. We have several designs to choose from, including the Ryla Round Shower Rail which is defined by its extra-long tube and the Milani Shower Rail, which has a more rounded design with softer detailing.

Assistance with choosing Matte Black Showers

Matte black shower sets are brilliant space enhancers. Why not speak to our team of specialists today for help in transforming your bathroom with these products or email through any questions you have here: [email protected].

Please also consult our shower checklist to ensure you have all the components for your bathroom.

We sell matte black showers across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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