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House Signage

Our house signage is available in various finishes and is smartly aligned to provide elegance and consistency.

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House signage help personalise your home setting and assist with the wayfinding experience to ensure your residential location can be conveniently found. 

Whether numbers, lettering, or symbols, outdoor signs for homes should be clear, eye-catching, and surpass convention. They should also feature the durability to withstand external conditions. 

Our House Signage Range

ABI house signage (or home signage) has been designed to create a sensory wayfinding experience for residential purposes. Available in various characters and finishes, our sophisticated house signage designs, which include House Numbers, House Names, and Symbols Signage, provide pleasing consistency — whether for house names, house numbers, or street names. 

Our high-quality outdoor signs for home are constructed from 316-grade stainless steel for exceptional corrosion and rust resistance – this durability ensures their suitability for outdoor environments. 

Stainless steel has an ultra-thin passive chromium oxide layer on its surface. Without this layer, the material would be easy to corrode. Compared to 304-grade stainless steel, 316-grade stainless steel has a higher volume of chromium and nickel. It also contains manganese, silicon, carbon, and iron. 

Perhaps the most instrumental factor, however, is the chemical composition, as 316 contains 2-3% of molybdenum, which results in significantly increased corrosion resistance. Compared to other markets, we offer some of the most high-quality house signage options.  

House Letters  

We offer elegant, capitalised letters for house names or street names to provide pleasing consistency throughout your space.  

House Numbers 

Our sophisticated number signage (which also includes slashes and dashes that can be used in multiple arrangements), has been designed for convenience in your home environment. 

Symbols Signage  

ABI Symbols include arrows to enhance your wayfinding at home. These can also be used in multiple arrangements.

House Signage FAQs

Can house signage be installed outside?

Yes, all our home signage are constructed from 316 stainless steel, which results in significantly increased corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can withstand outdoor environments. 

How do I accurately fix the holes for my house signage?

Each character or digit comes with its own individual template for the fixing holes.

What spare parts are included with my house signage?

1 x letter/number/symbol/restroom sign
1 x double-sided 3M adhesive

1 x clear cut-out guide

2 x projected spacer

2 x threaded rod

2 x wall anchor


Can I fix house signage from behind, for example, on a door or cupboard?

Yes, it is possible to fix your home signage on a door or cupboard. We recommend using M4 x 0.7 bolts.

How do I best clean my house signage?

Use natural cleaning products only and avoid abrasive cleaning cloths. For more comprehensive cleaning guidance, see our Care Guide.

Assistance with choosing House Signage

For assistance selecting custom house signs, speak to our friendly team. You can contact them at (07) 5520 2775 or send any queries to [email protected]. 

We deliver house signage across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart. 

Thoughtfully designed fixtures & fittings

We specialise in high-quality architectural products that unite durability, longevity, and aesthetic form. Thoughtfully designed and developed by our in-house team, we control and maintain an excellent standard of care and precision across our entire range. Our 25-year additional warranty is a testament to this promise.

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