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Mixer Taps

We have a range of mixer taps that will enhance your space.

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Mixer taps should combine functionality and aesthetically pleasing designs to enrich your space. The best mixer taps have a strong durability to ensure that they will be long lasting too.

Our Mixer Taps Range

ABI’s mixer taps are both aesthetically pleasing and reassuringly functional. We offer the perfect mixer taps for your powder room, bathroom, kitchen and laundry. 


Sink Mixers

Our range of sink mixers online help to define kitchen spaces with their alluring designs. Functionality is at the forefront with our Elysian Kitchen Mixer, which has an easy-to-use swivel function and precise temperature and pressure controls. These mixer taps are available in seven unique finishes that include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, white, conventional chrome and matte black. In addition, this mixer is available in six exclusive hues. These include flora, almond, clay, dusk, posy and solis.

We also range the Eden Square Kitchen Mixer that has a striking angular spout design. It is equally available in the first set of seven aforementioned finishes so that you can easily colour coordinate your fixtures. 

We also range Commercial Mixer Taps for your kitchen. You can check these out here.

Basin Mixers

Our range of basin mixers will equally help to define your powder room or bathroom too. We have seven designs that start from the compact Elysian Basin Mixer,  Milani Basin Mixer and Magnus Basin Mixer and increase in size to the Elysian Basin Mixer Extended and Milani Basin Hob Mixer Set. Apart from our Magnus, all of these mixer taps are available in all of our signature finishes.

You can check out all of our progressive mixers here


Shower Mixers

We have a sophisticated range of shower mixers that will enhance your showering experience. From our Elysian Minimal Mixer to the supreme minimalism of our Milani Progressive Single Mixer, Barre Progressive Mixer, and vintage Cross Progressive Mixers, we have mixer taps that will transform your space. 


Bath Mixers

Due to their versatile design and innovative technology, all our shower mixers can also be used as wall mounted bath mixers. This ensures that you can customise your tapware across your bathroom space for an aesthetically pleasing solution. 

Mixer Taps FAQs

How to change mixer taps

These products must be installed by a licensed plumber. A general installation guide can be located under ‘Product Information’ for the relating online product page. However, there are many factors that are involved that can alter the installation method. 

How to clean mixer taps

It is important to clean your mixer taps regularly with warm soapy water, preferably using a microfibre cloth. Use natural cleaning products only and avoid abrasive cleaning cloths. Dry after each use to reduce watermarking and surface rust.

You can use diluted toothpaste and water for hard to reach places and to restore the vitality of the finish. When cleaning, wipe in the direction of the brushed grain to maintain the brushed appearance. For renovations and new builds, you should flush pipes before first use. To best maintain the finish, do not let water pool.

What are your mixer taps made from?

Our mixer taps are made of either solid brass or stainless steel. For each material the construction and colouring process is different. This information can be found on the corresponding product page.

Assistance with choosing Mixer Taps

For assistance with selecting the right mixer taps, contact our team here. Questions can also be addressed via email to: [email protected].

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ABI mixer taps are sold across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

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