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3 Stage Undersink Water Filter System

SKU: 15911

in stock

3 Stage Undersink Water Filter System

SKU: 15911

in stock

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Product Details

The convenience of having instant access to clean, safe, filtered water cannot be overstated. The 3-Stage Undersink Water Filter System conveniently and comprehensively cleans the water before it is dispersed from your tap. 

Please Note: 

– Replacement filters for the 3 Stage Filter can be purchased here.

The 3-Stage Filter is comprised of three different filter systems: 

Carbon Filter

Made from carbon block, this 5 micron carbon filter removes chlorine, absorbs harmful organic chemicals, and improves the taste of drinking water. 

Uf Membrane Filter

This 0.2 micron UF membrane filter removes water contaminants such as waterborne microorganisms, harmful organic chemicals, and more.

Sediment Filter

This 1 micron sediment filter reduces sediment particles, such as sand, silt, dirt, and rust from feed water.

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SKU 15911
Weight 2.190kg
Brand ABI Interiors
Construction Carbon Filter Cartridge:
Outside - PP Material
Inside - Coconut shell Carbon

UF Membrane Filter:
Outside - PP Material
Inside - 60% Polysulfone (PSU) and 40% Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP)

Sediment Filter:
Outside - PP Material
Inside - PP Fiber
Dimensions (mm) Height: 320mm
Width: 258mm
Thickness: 90mm
What's In The Box 1 x 3 Stage Filter Unit (includes Bracket, Carbon Filter, UF Membrane Filter, Sediment Filter)
1 x Fridge Hose
1 x Filter Isolation Tee
1 x Pressure Limiting Valve
1 x G1/2 to Fridge Hose Connection
5 x Fridge Locking Clips

Specification guides can be found under the Downloads tab.

Name & Finish SKU Structure Finish Cartridge Other Structure Finish Cartridge Other Structure Finish Cartridge Other
3 Stage Undersink Water Filter System 15911 10 5 - 2 5 1 - 1 - - - -
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Product FAQs

What products from ABI Interiors can the 3-Stage Filter be paired with?

The 3-Stage Filter is compatible with our Elysian Commercial 3 Way Filter Tap.

How often does the filter need to be replaced?

Replacing your filter is dependent on how often you use your tap. Generally, we recommend replacing the filter at least every six months.

Can I purchase the individual filters separately, or do I need to replace the entire filter set?

Each of our filters are sold separately and can be purchased as spare parts.

What is included when you purchase the 3-Stage Filter?

The following components are included with the purchase:

Filter System Mounting Bracket
Carbon Filter Cartridge
UF Membrane Filter Cartridge
Sediment Filter Cartridge
Filter pipe
1/2 female to filter connection
Isolation valve with Filter line Tee
Pressure Reduction Valve

Are there any cleaning recommendations?

After installing the product and before use, we recommend running 4-5 litres of water through the filter. This will clear the air in the water lines helping ensure you have no air bubbles.

Do you recommend any regular service for the 3-Stage Undersink Water Filter System?

It is essential that operation, maintenance, and filter replacement requirements be carried out as scheduled to maintain the product’s optimum performance. We recommend replacing the filter at least every six months.

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