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Discover GH House: Megan Gale's Tranquil Melbourne Home Highlighting Curved Interiors

Megan Gale is one of Australia's most cherished public figures, showcasing her talents across various fields, such as modelling, acting, and design. Megan's intuitive understanding of fashion and beauty also naturally extends into interior design, demonstrated by her recent role as the host of 'Australia's Best Houses' on 9Life, along with a slew of successful personal projects.

Most recently, Megan and her partner, Shaun Hampson, collaborated on GH House — their Melbourne family home. This serene haven is a retreat from the city's bustle, inspired by nature and tailored for their family of four. GH House emanates tranquillity through natural materials, gentle contours, and functional design that effortlessly meets the demands of everyday family life.

“I worked with a wonderful interior designer by the name of Georgie Marks,” says Megan. “I had a very specific brief [...] I wanted soft edges and curves and to use beautiful natural materials.”

“We worked with different scales of curves,” explains Georgie. “From creating new passage archways to the smaller, more refined detailing with our arched fixture selections.”

Within the kitchen, the ambience is established with brushed brass, inviting timbers, and natural quartzite stone, creating a palette that extends seamlessly throughout the entire home. The coordinated elements, such as the curved range hood and the island bench with matching oak detailing, along with the presence of our Elysian Commercial Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer, play a pivotal role in crafting a harmonious aesthetic whilst still integrating essential functional components into the space.

“Both Megan and Shaun have a shared love of cooking and entertaining,” explains Georgie. “Beyond the kitchen, a large dual-bench butler’s pantry hosts further space for preparation and cooking.”

“From our first meeting, it was clear the design and its palette needed to be both adaptable with Megan’s procured styling, […] while also remaining timeless,” says Georgie. “Megan loves working with soft blush and earthen tones, so we selected some feature finishes that complemented her taste.”

“Brushed brass, for me, was a non-negotiable,” confirms Megan. “It's just got that warmth to it, and it's so beautiful and chic.”

“I've been following ABI for so long, so even before I sat down with [Georgie], I pretty much knew what I wanted.”

The bathrooms within GH House maintain a consistent design scheme, mirroring the soft, muted palette and warm tones found in the kitchen to ensure a relaxing transition between rooms. 

Brushed brass tapware and hardware alongside the reflective opal tiling in each room cleverly capture the natural light to create an effortlessly bright space.

The master ensuite is characterised by the crazy pave tiling and the incorporation of the marble backsplash featured in the kitchen. Our wall-mounted Barre Assembly Taps and Spout Set, Ivy Baskin Sink, and Bottle Trap Round combine on the vanity to create a continuity of movement and openness, accentuated by the saturation of light from a skylight above.

“A point of difference in the home is the use of the natural stone terrazzo and crazy pave,” says Georgie. “We explored various products and landed on a coloured crazy pave to the master ensuite. A bold move in isolation, however, in situ with the softer finishes palette, it is equally calming and gentle.”

“We worked with the different ABI metal finishes to draw hierarchy to the various fixtures and overall look to their crafted environments,” explains Georgie. “[In the laundry], we wished to visually slow down the speed by selecting the ABI almond finish as it had a gentle warmth and likeness to the surrounding tones.”

“I wanted [the house] to have a sense of calm, of peacefulness, of openness, light — to feel like you've stepped into a sanctuary […] I feel that, and the family feels that, so I hope other people feel it too.”

– Megan Gale


GH House stands as a testament to Megan's accomplished career in the fashion and design industry. It exudes a soft, warm, and effortlessly peaceful ambience, showcasing Megan and her partner Sean's keen ability to encapsulate the true essence of a home — where relaxation and productivity can be equally shared. 


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