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By Style





Interior design is intended to be unrestrained, affording us endless opportunities for self-expression. 

Determined to circulate this concept through all aspects of the home, our Aura Collection fuses art and function in a fixture that is often overlooked.

We’ve adorned the elegant curves of our Elysian Kitchen Mixer in six earthy colours, allowing you to make a bold statement in your space without the need for an extensive upgrade.

This limited-edition range has also been inspired by the notion of biophilic design, instilling the benefits of nature into the home by incorporating organic colours, materials, and shapes.

Here, we explore how each unique shade can enhance your kitchen colour scheme while merging the natural and constructed worlds.


ABI Interiors

Almond illustrates the undeniable versatility of a neutral palette. Its peaceful beige finish can be effortlessly adopted into almost any home, creating a minimalistic canvas from which the rest of a space can be constructed.

How to style almond:

Offering timeless elegance and a hint of warmth, almond is ideal for a conservative kitchen featuring white decor and the subdued tones of light timber. It also amplifies the radiance of brushed brass hardware.

As with the rest of the range, this scheme isn’t constrained to a single design style — it offers the flexibility of working equally well in contemporary, Scandinavian, coastal, or farmhouse themes.


ABI Interiors

This finish grounds you with a representation of the environment’s warmth. Its earthy tone is neutral enough to complement an array of hues while remaining exceptionally distinct.

How to style clay:

Clay promotes harmony with soft blues and greens, making it an agreeable addition to a kitchen decorated with cool tiles or a space that welcomes the benefits of indoor plants.

It can also emphasise the natural appeal of a boho kitchen or elevate the rustic persona of a Mediterranean-style bathroom featuring travertine tiles.


ABI Interiors

As twilight dwindles, we become enveloped by the tranquillity of dusk. It signals the time when we begin to wind down, recovering from the day and preparing for the next. 

This period of rest is reflected in this calming navy hue that easily accentuates a myriad of spaces.

How to style dusk:

Dusk’s deep finish complements warmer tones, such as brushed brass fixtures and light oak furniture. It can also add character to a cottagecore kitchen above colourful cabinetry or within a more eclectic art deco home.


ABI Interiors

An expression of nature’s refreshing influence, this finish instils an uplifting energy into the home. Vivid yet not overpowering, this shade creates a one-of-a-kind focal point in your space. 

How to style flora:

When featured alongside timber textures and a neutral scheme, flora ignites the imagination, sending you into the embrace of a thriving forest. It also harmonises with the raw finish of rendered surfaces and polished concrete.

Finally, flora can enhance a tropical-themed home that features wooden decor, vibrant colours, and patterned textiles.


ABI Interiors

This pastel pink embodies the soft elegance of flowers, inviting an element of grace into the kitchen. The subtle finish is an unobtrusive addition that offers an incredibly personal touch, surpassing the norms of traditional interiors.

How to style posy:

Posy uniquely accents a contemporary or coastal home that takes advantage of a subdued palette and natural linens. Its soft tone peacefully matches both brushed brass hardware and brushed nickel fixtures to achieve a serene space.


ABI Interiors

Translating to ‘sun’ in Spanish, solis appropriately radiates positivity. Daylight is known for its many physical and mental health benefits, therefore we aimed to instil an equally optimistic experience with this brilliant finish.

How to style solis:

This warm mustard pairs wonderfully with rich hues, such as burgundy tiles or terracotta bricks in a rustic or vintage space.

The sunshine of solis also combines with sky blues to create a palette that replicates the magnificent atmosphere above. These teal hues may feature in your kitchen decor or backsplash tiling.

No matter which colour captures your attention, the Aura Collection is to be enjoyed for many years to come. It features a solid brass construction and semi-gloss PrimeShield Lacquer Technology to provide you with the comfort of durability. With an almost endless number of possibilities for revitalising your kitchen colour scheme, there is guaranteed to be a finish that will help transform your space. 

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