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Vanities Guide

Vanities are the central hub of any bathroom, providing functionality as much as aesthetics..

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The right vanity for your space can not only optimise storage space and provide a station to get ready, but it can also enhance the overall appeal of your bathroom.

Knowing how to choose a bathroom vanity requires consideration of key factors such as your overall design scheme, desired materials, storage options, sizing, and budget.

When to Consider a New Vanity

You are building a new home.

You are renovating.

Your existing vanity is damaged or has signs of wear and tear.

You need better functionality
(e.g. more room for a growing family).

You don’t like the aesthetic of your current vanity and wish to change it.

Considerations When Choosing a Vanity

Regarding basins, there are traditionally two types of bathroom vanities to be aware of — single and double.

Single Vanity

A single vanity is a wall-hung or freestanding vanity with room for a single basin and additional storage space underneath, such as drawers or cabinets.

Single vanities are designed to be used by one person at a time and are a common choice for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms.

Double Vanity

As the name suggests, a double vanity is a wall-hung or freestanding vanity with space for two basins.

One of its key advantages is the enhanced functionality it offers. With two sinks and plenty of countertop space, a double vanity is ideal for multiple individuals to use the bathroom simultaneously, proving especially useful for larger families.

Moreover, the size of a double vanity promotes a sense of personal space and extra storage. Each person using the bathroom can enjoy a designated sink and storage area, fostering a well-organised and uncluttered environment.

Once you have decided between a single and double vanity basin, you can then address the more intricate design aspects, such as the frequency of vanity use, the intended users, required storage capacity, compatibility with existing appliances and furniture, and the overarching bathroom design theme. Additionally, assess the dimensions of your space to identify the most fitting and suitable vanity type.



Styles of Vanities

Our range of vanities are all of the wall-mounted variety, featuring three styles: Addison, Archer, and Kyah.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

A wall-hung vanity, also known as a wall-mounted or floating vanity, is attached and suspended directly to the wall rather than sitting on the floor like a traditional cabinet. They typically include storage space in the form of drawers or shelves for holding bathroom essentials.

Wall-hung vanities are versatile and complement a wide range of bathroom styles; however, they tend to be particularly favoured for minimalist aesthetics due to their sleek and contemporary appearance. They are also popular in smaller bathrooms, as the void beneath the vanity creates an illusion of increased spaciousness and foot space.

Our wall-hung vanities are available in three styles — Addison, Archer, and Kyah and are made of high-density moisture-resistant particle board with soft-close functioning.

Addison features two rows of drawers and is available in various sizes and configurations for versatility in design, including the number of drawers, shelving integration, and the choice between a shaker or a regular facade. Addison is suited for both single and double-basin layouts.

Archer consists of two cabinetry doors and two drawers in configurations to suit left or right wall placement, and our compact Kyah features a single drawer with a shelf underneath. Both Archer and Kyah are suited for single-basin layouts.

Please Note: Our wall-mounted vanities must be installed and securely fixed into the wall by a licensed tradesperson.


Size Range:
Between 600 x 1764

Cut Outs:
1 or 2 available

Bathroom Vanity Sizes
and Finishes

Vanity Sizes

Vanities are available in various shapes and sizes and can easily conform to whatever space you have available. The average bathroom vanity size ranges from 600mm to 900mm and is typically 450mm to 500mm deep.


Our vanities have three size categories: 900mm and under, 900mm to 1700mm, and 1700mm and over. The size of your space and the number of drawers or shelves you wish to include in your vanity will also determine its size.


When deciding on the finish of your vanity, it's essential to consider your bathroom's overall colour scheme, tapware style, and whether you want the finish to stand out or blend in with the design. For example, if you have a particularly dark scheme in your bathroom, a bright coastal vanity would look out of place, and vice versa.

Our vanities are available in three finishes with an additional range of white vanities with Shaker detailing.

They are constructed from a high-density moisture-resistant particle board for durability assurance, with either 2Pac or laminate bonded to the surface of the cabinetry.

2Pac stands for ‘Two Pack Paint’, an acrylic enamel paint system used for our standard white and white Shaker detailed vanities. This hardened paint finish can be applied to cupboard doors and drawers. It begins as two liquids — a resin made up of acrylic paint and melamine and another that contains a hardener called ‘polyisocyanate resin’. A chemical reaction occurs when these two liquids are combined, causing the mix to harden.

Our pure oak and white ash oak are laminate surfaces manufactured with resin-impregnated decorative paper bonded by heat and pressure to both sides of an MDF or particleboard sheet.

Our vanity benchtops are available in two versatile materials — a Carrara marble composite or a glacier white composite — which can be chosen when ordering.

Other Considerations

When creating your vanity area, it's crucial to consider several additional factors to guarantee that you achieve a design that genuinely appeals to you.

Basin Type

When deciding on your vanity's design, it's essential to consider whether you prefer a dual or single-basin layout. This will determine your vanity’s dimensions, tapware, and drawer arrangement.

Additionally, evaluate whether you prefer the installation of an undermount, semi-inset, or above-counter basin, as many vanities, including the ones within our collection, are specifically designed to accommodate above-counter basins with built-in under-sink storage.

It's also crucial to recognise that your drawers should be designed to properly align with your basin to accommodate plumbing connections. Many vanities will have built-in space designated for plumbing installations; however, verify this before buying to ensure an informed purchase.

Cabinetry Handles

Cabinet handles have the potential to redefine the appearance of your vanity. If you want a seamless approach to your bathroom, coordinate your vanity handles with the existing tapware and hardware. Otherwise, vanity cabinetry handles are also a great opportunity to add a contrasting point of difference to your space.


Shop our complete collection of cabinetry handles here.

Please note: Vanities with Shaker detailing are the only style requiring a pull to function. All of our other vanities are a finger-pull design with soft-close functioning; however, pulls can still be installed for aesthetic purposes.


When selecting your vanity, consider the tiles used on the bathroom floor and walls, especially when deciding on your vanity top! Ensure that all the chosen finishes complement and enhance one another, as even neutral colours can clash if the undertones are off!

With the assistance of this vanity buyer’s guide, you can rest assured that your decision will be well-informed, bringing you one step closer to creating a personal retreat that perfectly matches your unique preferences.

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