Kitchen & Laundry Sinks

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Kitchen & Laundry Sinks

Kitchen & Laundry Sinks

Your sink is an important part of your kitchen and laundry, both in its look and functionality. The right sink should not only be able to withstand intensive daily use, but also elevate the style and elegance of your kitchen or laundry.

ABI offers a range of premium kitchen and laundry sinks that combine outstanding quality with contemporary style. Our sinks are available in a variety of styles and materials to suit your design vision, from stainless steel to stunning black granite. We offer both single and double sinks, created to provide both practical convenience and a beautiful, modern design feature.

Our stainless steel sinks

Our durable stainless steel sinks can be top mounted or under mounted to your bench and come in a range of vibrant finishes to match your tapware. Each stainless steel sink is carefully designed with a 10mm radius and custom folded drainage points to eliminate pooling water and limit grime build-up to make cleaning easy.

Our kitchen and laundry sinks are manufactured using a combination of laser and hand welding, and coated with our industrial grade physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating or ABI’s advanced electroplating application (AEA) coating for long-life durability. Each contains water-sense acoustic cushioning to dampen the sound of water impact for softer, gentler washing up. We also offer sinks with and without draining tray compartments to suit your needs.

Each stainless steel sink comes with a matching waste basket and a 25-year structural warranty. Choose a size and style to match your counters and tapware, from the compact Ohelu to the spacious Zalo Double.

Our unique and farmhouse sinks

Along with our signature stainless steel sinks, we also offer a range of unique kitchen and laundry sinks for an organic or farmhouse style appearance. For those seeking a sleek, luxurious look our Vera Black Granite Sink is both gorgeous and durable. For a traditional country style, try our Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink for a timeless appearance, and practical design.

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