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Bath Spouts & Basin Spouts

We have a large range of bath spouts, basin spouts and bath fillers that will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

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Bath Spouts provide seamless water flow as you fill your bath. ABI offers a range of bath spouts in a variety of appealing finishes that will enrich your space.

Our Bath Spouts Range

ABI Interiors offers a beautiful range of wall-mounted bath spouts, floor-mounted bath spouts and bench-mounted bath spouts that will complement any bathroom with their soft curvature and restrictor technology. Their ultra-modern design and functionality ensure they are premium products. Our Milani Hob Mixer, can also be paired together. 


Wall-Mounted Bath Spout

Simple and sleek, our wall-mounted bath spouts are moulded and hollowed brass tapware fixtures that provide efficient water usage. Their modern aesthetic suits our range of freestanding baths. These spouts will easily enhance your bathroom, providing a lavish, sophisticated look that will instantly modernise your space.

They will look elegant in any of our seven finishes that include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, chrome, or matte black and white.


Gooseneck Swivel Wall-Mounted Bath Spout

The Gooseneck Swivel Wall Mounted Bath Spout has a smooth adjustable swivel spout that allows you to adjust the position to provide you with free access to your freestanding bath or basin sink. This swivel bath spout has child safety in mind while providing you with easy access to your bathtub.


Floor-Mounted Bath Spout

Floor-mounted bath spouts offer an alternative to bath fillers that are wall-mounted. Our Floor Mounted Bath Fillers combine a curvy modern spout design and elegant round floor plate to transform your bathroom or ensuite.

These floor bath spouts are also available in seven attractive finishes that include brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, traditional chrome, matte black, and white.


Bench-Mounted Bath Spout

Bench mounted spouts like our Milani Basin Mixers (that come in sets with our progressive cartridge technology single hob mixers) or our refined Gooseneck Hob Spouts can also be used as bath spouts to make a modern statement.

Our Milani is available in six finishes, while our Gooseneck Hob Spouts come in our full range of seven finishes. Please note that these would be suitable for built-in/inset baths.  


Our Range of Basin Spouts  

We have an attractive range of mini wall-mounted spouts and basin spouts, (which also double as a bath filler*) that have minimalist designs and a streamlined backplate to enhance your space. Their soft curvature and restrictor technology ensure premium functionality.

*Please note that when using our wall-mounted spout as a bath filler, you can increase L/M by purchasing a Non-Restricting Aerator (26 L/M at 500KPA).  


Basin Wall-Mounted Spouts

Equally at home as a basin spout or as a matching bath spout, our Wall Mounted Spouts combine outstanding functionality with attractive aesthetics. Made from solid brass and are available in our complete range of seven finishes, it will add a touch of sophistication to your modern bathroom. View our range of basin sinks for the perfect pairing with your new spout. Also, check out our complete bathroom tapware that includes spout taps to complete your set here.


Mini Wall-Mounted Spouts

Ideal for smaller spaces, our Mini Wall Mounted Spout easily adapts to your home’s aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance in your compact bathroom or powder room. The minimalist design combines with a streamlined backplate making it ideal for small sized basins including the Centa Mini Wall Mounted Basin, the Capri Mini Wall Mounted Basin and the Bajo Mini Basin.

Bath Spouts FAQs

Are there any ABI basins that are suitably paired with the Mini Spout?

The Mini Spout is ideally paired with either our Cyrus Wall Mounted Basin or our Capri Mini Wall Mounted Basin.

Are you able to swap an ABI Wall-Mounted Spout for the Mini Spout?

As both are compatible and have the same size diameter, you would indeed be able to swap out an ABI Wall Mounted Spout for the Mini Spout.

Can Spouts be used outdoors?

Unfortunately, ABI’s warranty does not cover external use. This is due to the harsh conditions and UV light that the products would be subjected to outside.  

What’s the best way to achieve a bathtub spout with diverter?

Our Elysian Shower Diverter and Wall Mounted Spout would be an ideal option for a bathtub spout with a diverter. This can be paired back with any of our showers for customers who wish to have a shower/bath combo.

Assistance with choosing Bath Spouts

Our team are ready to answer any queries you may have. You can send any questions here: [email protected]. You can also book an Online Design Consultation here.  

For some inspiration, read our blog on why freestanding baths are the essential highlight of any bathroom here

We deliver to Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, and Hobart.

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