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Baths are the focal point of any luxe bathroom and provide restful solace after a long, stressful day. Tired muscles and an overworked mind are relieved with this luxurious centrepiece. Baths also have a pleasing aesthetic purpose too that can truly strengthen your bathroom space.

ABI’s luxury range of freestanding Baths have been designed with stylish luxury and innovation in mind. They will easily upgrade any bathroom with their distinctive designs that come in a beautiful array of shapes and sizes that simply defy convention.

From the oval indulgence of the Odelia, to the inviting contours of the Violet and the Day-Spa vibes of Ukiyo, there’s a multitude of baths to choose from.

Our bath range

We offer a comprehensive range of contemporary designs to choose from that will instantly transform your bathroom into a luxurious place. Space is not necessarily going to be a restriction either due to the large selection of differently sized and shapely freestanding baths we have on offer. Each design provides a private and unmistakably relaxing sanctuary, while there are larger baths to accommodate you and your loved one too.

From rounded-off rectangles, to smooth oblongs, and more conventionally shaped designs, our impressive Bath range embraces a variety of aesthetically pleasing shapes and sizes. Whatever you choose, it will add sophistication, distinction and a great deal of personality to your bathroom – creating the perfect centrepiece.

Solid Surface Vs. Acrylic construction

ABI’s bath range are constructed from either Solid Surface or Acrylic.

Acrylic construction technology brings the benefits of quality thermal insulation and anti-scratch properties. This provides them with reassuring durability.

Another popular material for bath construction is Solid Surface. This is largely due to its smooth texture and heat-retention that means bathing can last longer without the need to add hot water.

Please note: to retain the finish for longer, avoid using scouring pads or other coarse cloths during cleaning. While nicks, scratches and cuts are inevitable, it is reassuringly easy to renew the finish to its original appearance.

For further information, download our Care Guide here

Browse through our range of freestanding baths today. If you need advice or guidance, please get in touch and our sales team will assist you.

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