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Cohesive design isn’t necessarily about being devoted to a systematic and matched scheme. It expresses the continuation of a style story throughout a home — the unification of an overarching idea but with enough freedom to articulate that in different ways. 

The rooms of a house are diverse in functionality, so when it comes to the bathroom, there are certain practical measures that need to be taken. Waterproofing, plumbing, and ventilation are just some of the keynotes to be addressed. Bathroom aesthetics then follow after taking function into consideration.   

Accordingly, we’ve gathered some ways to make your bathroom design feel cohesive to help encourage a more thoughtfully-curated space.


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Before you begin designing your ideal space, it’s beneficial to clearly identify your style, your preferences, and the atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. While you may conjure individual ideas in your head, ensuring they work together is far easier in physical form so you can identify common themes.

This is where a moodboard comes in. Moodboarding is a visual process used to collate and communicate concepts with images, materials, colours, and text. They help express the mood of your idea and potentially the specific components you will use in your final design, for example, a paint swatch or tile sample.

Moodboards are incredibly beneficial for creative professionals and homeowners alike, as they offer the ability to articulate your vision more clearly than words alone. They’re the perfect tool to begin piecing together colours, finishes, and feelings that you identify with, while still allowing you to refine and rearrange further during the process.

Start by gathering an array of things that you’re drawn to — images of your favourite indoor plants and accessories, paint colours, flooring samples, tile patterns, and preferred materials. You should then begin to see common colours or themes recurring, which will help guide your final design. 

If you need some professional guidance to determine what will work best in your space, we recommend booking a free consultation with our design team to help you get started.

ABI Interiors


ABI Interiors

Once you’ve completed your moodboard, you should have a final colour palette that coincides with the other elements you’ll be including in your bathroom design.

Colour is a subjective experience, and those that you incorporate into your home will be a true reflection of your unique style. It’s one of the most important choices in design as it is infused into each aspect of the room, with certain shades and temperatures significantly impacting the appearance and atmosphere in different ways.

For example, warm colours are more uplifting and energetic — brushed copper tapware would pair with travertine tiles to evoke a sense of summer. In contrast, cool colours are more peaceful, with pastel blue tiles, green foliage, and brushed nickel fixtures creating a more tranquil experience.

Whether you opt for a subtle palette or one that’s more adventurous, it’s important to ensure it encourages cohesive design. A monochromatic scheme is a safe option, referring to variations of a single colour. Black, grey, and white are popular, while brown, beige, and cream are trending within contemporary minimalistic homes. Add interest to these palettes by simply including patterned and textured decor from the same colour family.

For a more dynamic space, try a complementary colour scheme that pairs two colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel. For example, navy tiles would help accentuate the golden tones of brushed brass features, creating a balanced space with both warm and cool tones.


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With an incredibly wide range of colours available in the world of bathroom fixtures, you can easily find the perfect finish to support your chosen theme and promote cohesion.

Matte black tapware provides a solid foundation for a monochromatic palette alongside a matte white basin and grey tiles.

In a mid-century modern design, brushed brass taps would complement a walnut vanity and geometric decor for a classic feel.

Brushed nickel seamlessly ties into a dark, modern home, while brushed copper promotes the warmth of Mediterranean style, pairing well with natural textures, a neutral palette, and ample light.

To take your interior continuity to the next level, the one-of-a-kind design of our Pixi Tile Insert Assembly Taps allows you to fit the handles with a section of your chosen tile, unifying them with the wall behind. Pixi is available in brushed brass, brushed nickel, brushed gunmetal, and brushed copper, making them further adaptable to any palette.


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Rhythm is an interior design concept where elements such as colour, shape, pattern, and line are repeated to create harmony. The relationship between these features naturally guides the eye around a room to encourage a more holistic experience of the space.

For instance, repeat circular shapes with a round basin and wall mirror to inspire similarity between each surface within your bathroom design. 

Or, lay subway tiles vertically so their repetitive rectangular pattern draws the eye towards the ceiling, giving the impression of a taller space.

For a striking effect, repeatedly incorporate straight lines by stacking several heated towel rails, plus a few striped towels and linear cabinetry handles.


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While cohesive design relies on replicating certain aspects of your interiors, they should also be balanced with some variety. Embracing distinction prevents a space from appearing monotonous or unstimulating, and can be achieved in several ways.

In a bathroom that heavily features straight lines, you can soften the design by including the gentle contours of a gooseneck spout above your bath or sink.

If your space is underpinned by neutral tones, you can still maintain this theme and add interest with textures — try a natural timber vanity, rattan storage baskets, and a beige terracotta vase.

Finding your ideal bathroom design is a matter of experimentation, and you will gradually develop an eye for tailoring your surroundings to promote balance while making a lasting impression. 


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