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Hardware is like jewellery for the home. While not the most obvious proponent of change, its subtlety does make it powerful. Hardware will most likely be the only metallic finish in a space, and deciding what tone to use can positively transform the ambience of a room. Uncover the potential of different hardware colours by reading our comprehensive guide.


ABI Interiors
Image source: ABI Interiors | Project by: Ema Harrison

The golden tones of brushed brass hardware are certainly having their time in the sun. A popular choice amongst renovators, it seems there is an intrinsic attraction to the glows of gold. Brushed brass fittings and fixtures can infuse feelings of luxury and joy into a design scheme, reminding the inhabitants of warm daylight.

In Ema Harrison’s bathroom, brushed brass taps coordinate well with the sunny European-style theme. The gooseneck arches feel esteemed in the gilded hue, finishing off the space like ornate jewellery.


ABI Interiors
Image source: ABI Interiors | Project by: Kenins Developments

Brushed copper fixtures uniquely transform the atmosphere of a space. Their russet finish exudes a vintage charm, exalting the rich textures in wood and creating a lively focal point. It’s a bold decision for hardware, and such a decision rewards the home immensely.

A brushed copper pull-out mixer defines The Lakehouse kitchen with a warm radiance. It contrasts effortlessly with the blue chairs and uses the grey tiled background to create an exciting foreground.


ABI Interiors
Image source: ABI Interiors | Project by: Graya

Brushed gunmetal dances within the realms of dark grey and silver to present a tone that looks enigmatic, striking and sophisticated. It offers less contrast than matte black finishes in a lighter scheme, but its pearlescence still delivers maximum impact. Grey tones like brushed gunmetal transform interiors by giving them a distinctive edge.

This bathroom space by Graya highlights just how brushed gunmetal can stand out as a feature colour. It emphasises the concrete basin and makes the white tiles appear brighter and more refreshed.


ABI Interiors
Image source: Dylan James | Project by: BuildHer Collective

A modern graduation of chrome, brushed nickel can elegantly refine your interiors. It features a soft silver/grey tone and a subtle brushed texture. The grainy exterior works to conceal fingerprints and watermarks a lot better than its chrome counterpart, allowing your spaces to appear brand new for longer.

In the James Street Project by BuildHer Collective, the brushed nickel kitchen mixer brings modernity to the mid-century styled area, helping to harmonise the best of old and new world charms.


ABI Interiors
Image source: ABI Interiors | Project by: The Beechmont Chalet

When matte black fixtures erupted onto the scene a number of years ago, it transformed our perception of what hardware could be. Now, it has cemented itself as a linchpin of style and class, transmuting utilitarianism into a decorative motif. It’s sleek, authoritative, and attracts the eye to rest on its dark colour.

In The Beechmont Chalet, matte black tapware and cabinetry handles give the quaint mountain home a taste of intensity and urban opulence. It contrasts the generally lighter fare, creating an exciting space that isn’t afraid to go deep where it’s needed.


ABI Interiors
Image source: ABI Interiors | Project by: PJH Constructions

Clean, contemporary, and characterised by versatility — white hardware presents an unrivalled architectural component in a design scheme. Being a relatively new concept for interior fixtures and fittings, white adds a unique charm to any kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

In Ohana Beach House, white tapware speaks to the modern coastal theme of the space. It illuminates the pink backsplash’s warmth, and in turn, becomes a standout piece of the scene.


ABI Interiors
Image source: Joel Noon | Project by: M.J Harris Group

Chrome was the pioneering colour for interior fittings and fixtures and continues to be a mainstay in spaces today. It instils a trusted sense of tradition and is one of the most versatile finishes to use. It’s well balanced by a high-shine texture and a demure silvery tone.

In this M.J. Harris Group bathroom, it’s the perfect halfway colour between the overarching black and white scheme. Its polished exterior helps uplift and brighten the room, as natural light can effortlessly reflect off each fixture surface.

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