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8 Bathroom Relaxation Tips For Your Self-Care Routine

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Daily obligations can demand a lot of our attention, and moments for rest and recovery ultimately fall down on the priority list. It makes it easier for stress to creep up on us, so having a dedicated and considered self-care routine is imperative. 

The significance of the bathroom is that it has the capability to offer a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home — making wind-down time much easier and accessible. 

We have carefully listed our eight favourite ways to enhance bathroom relaxation so you can make the most of your stress-free moments.


1. Cleaning and Preparation

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Before your scheduled relaxation ritual, make sure the scene is clean. Doing this ahead of time will ensure that you can fully enjoy your space without clutter impacting your physical and visual field. 

In your bath or shower, ensure surfaces are clean and free of empty bottles. If you’re having a bath, scrub the tub of grime and dust. In the shower, sanitise any mould patches and clear the grout lines.


2. Eliminate All Distractions

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This is a time that you have dedicated to yourself. Life’s busyness is compounding, and quiet moments are fleeting unless we actively prioritise them. Your bathroom is an accessible place within the home that can be used for both practicality and relaxation. 

When approaching your self-care routine, make sure that any foreseeable distractions are removed. Turn your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’, or keep it in another room completely. Make sure you have no appointments or errands scheduled during this time, and if you don’t want to be interrupted, gently let people in your home know that you’ll be unavailable for your desired amount of time. 

Taking care of yourself is a priority. Make the most of this leisure time by eliminating distractions so you can maximise the feelings of calmness available in that moment.


3. Helpful Bathroom Accessories

There are a number of bathroom accessories that can make your self-care routine extra special. There are some designed to encourage relaxation, while others are more practical, yet their practicality is what can help you relax. Some of our favourite bathroom accessories include the following: 


Bath Caddy

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A bath caddy is a tool to store wine glasses, books, tablets, soap, and other small items. They are placed over the width of the bath so you can use your belongings while relaxing in the bath. Most are made from bamboo, and while this is aesthetically wonderful — bamboo, over time, is more susceptible to harbouring mould from moisture. We recommend finding a bath caddy made from solid surface — which is incredibly durable and water-resistant. 

Our Bath Caddy from the Maya Bathroom Accessories range is constructed from solid surface, including a wine glass holder, soap bar holder, and magnetic adjustable tablet/book holder. 


Shower Hooks

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You may or may not have come across shower hooks, but they are an example of how practicality can take a mental load off and allow you to relax. 

Our Shower Hooks are part of the aforementioned Maya Range and hang underneath a shower caddy or soap dish shelf. They’re a nifty tool that allows you to hang razors or washcloths to keep in easy reach. 

They make your night-time routine more efficient and aesthetically pleasing while allowing your bathroom items to hang and dry after use.  


Soap Bottle Holder

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To give your bathroom a small visual uplift, simply install soap bottle holders to create a luxurious spa-like look. These small accessories hold most regular soap bottles and make bathing and showering an elevated experience.


Heated Towel Rail

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Last but certainly not least in our favourite bathroom accessories list is the heated towel rail. Freshly warmed towels exude ultimate relaxation and provide a staple element in your self-care routine. 

Aside from that, heated towel rails also keep towels dry — which is wonderful for promoting hygiene and cleanliness as the chance for mould to grow is reduced. 


4. Self-Care Essentials

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Gather your favourite tools to bring you into a state of relaxation in your self-care routine. Face masks, books, and plush robes are just some of the essentials to inspire a state of calm in yourself.


5. Ambient Lighting

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Nothing speaks more to relaxation than the type of lighting in a space. Light is how we colour our world — but that also means our mood. Bright, stark lighting can be energising and vivifying, which is great for feeling inspired in work or carrying out chores.

In your relaxation ritual, it’s better to have ambient, warm lighting dimly illuminating the bathroom. As it isn’t bright, your eyes and brain can relax by focusing less. 

If your bathroom has task lighting, introduce candles or fairy lights instead to give the space some atmosphere.


6. Grounding Aromas

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Smells have the power to influence how we feel. Some can be uplifting and bright, while others can help you wind down into the evening. Whether you have a diffuser or a candle, some of the most relaxing scents for an evening routine are: 

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Bergamot
  • Chamomile
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine


7. A Calming Playlist

To cover all of the senses, make sure you enlist the help of a calming playlist. It’s a beautiful way to narrate your self-care session and can help take your mind off stress. 

We have made a playlist for bath time on our Spotify. Listen below or follow on your own account:

8. Take A Conscious Moment

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If relaxing is especially hard for you and head noise still permeates — take time to meditate. The practice isn’t about turning off thoughts. It’s about dedicating time for a state of thoughtless observation and rest. It doesn’t haven’t to be hours long. 10 minutes is a great manageable timeframe and is certainly better than nothing.

Many people can feel disheartened when meditating because they feel like they aren’t doing it correctly or well. But the goal isn’t to achieve. It’s to give your brain a break. 

Our two favourite apps to use for relaxation are Calm and Waking Up.



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