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Bathroom Tile Ideas To Transform Your Space

Bathroom tile ideas have defined architectural spaces for generations by opening a creative world of colour, shape, and textural possibilities. However, the abundance of bathroom tiles available can prove overwhelming for homeowners when attempting to personalise their spaces.

To ease this creative burden, we speak to several interior design influencers who reveal some of the bathroom tile ideas you can incorporate to transform your small or substantial bathroom into an eye-opening space.

Mosaic Tiled Bathroom Ideas

ABI Interiors

It’s no accident that beautiful modern bathrooms commonly use mosaic tiled bathroom ideas to personalise a particular feature of interest. Whether it’s a shower wall, the floor surrounding a freestanding bath or the splashback of a bathroom vanity, there are numerous ways to add creative flare to your bathroom with mosaics.

“Any mundane bathroom splashback can be transformed into a stunning, eye-catching feature with the use of marble mosaics,” says Tina Nettlefold, the creator and founder of T.House — an online platform that sells a philanthropic range of unique, limited-edition homewares.

“Assembling them in a pattern formation will draw your attention to this area, adding a bold, stylish aesthetic to your bathroom. Mosaic tiles can also create a brilliant splashback feature in the bathroom that will draw the eye to your choice of tapware.”

Jessica Chol is the designer and owner of Tile & Stone Warehouse based in the central coast of NSW. She considers mosaics for more compact bathroom spaces:

“Mosaic tiles are a perfect choice for a small bathroom — their sheeted nature allows [them] to create fall easily on the floor, and when chosen in the right colour and texture, they add a real ‘wow’ factor to the space. Hamptons and coastal style bathrooms are renowned for marble mosaics as they add that natural stone appeal, with elegance and luxury.”

Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

ABI Interiors

Due to their clean, aesthetically appealing look and hard-wearing nature, subway tile bathroom ideas offer another creative way to highlight a point of difference in your bathroom — often transcending different design styles.

“The subway tile was initially introduced into the Victorian era homes, yet gained popularity in the Art Deco period,” explains interior designer Joanne Newell.

“Since then, subway tiles would have to be the most popular tile choice for a bathroom wall. [They] are versatile — their clean lines offer a minimalistic look, yet their array of colours, glazed finishes, sizes and different layering of patterns provide plenty of design opportunities to create a unique bathroom.”

“The beauty of [them] is in its versatility and the variety of patterns it is able to create,” offers Tina Nettlefold. “A traditional offset subway tile is perfect for any larger wall in the bathroom — it’s the perfect style to create a feature wall that will highlight its industrial-style pattern.”   

Alternatively, the crosshatch variation of this tile is well suited to smaller bathrooms, creating the illusion of space. Tina also suggests embracing the herringbone pattern as a wall feature in the shower to produce a focal point or as floor tiles to add intrigue to a plain bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Colours and Terrazzo

ABI Interiors

As we have learned, with some imagination, your bathroom can come into its own through the creative use of tiles. While the styling possibilities may be endless, selecting the right colours to evoke life into your space is a good place to start. Grey bathroom tile ideas can work wonders, but being more adventurous with the colour palette can sometimes produce extraordinary results.

For instance, beautifully divergent calacatta verde square mosaics add some drama with their edgy extravagance. Made from natural calacatta verde marble, their thought-provoking colour, pattern, texture, and stunning veining irregularities can instantly personalise a space. In terms of pioneering heritage, impressive durability and stunning beauty, there is little wonder why Italian marble is considered the finest marble in the world.

However, we shouldn’t discount more subtle forms of colours. For example, as Tina Nettlefold elaborates, the distinct quality of terrazzo tiles offers an opportunity to evoke colour in interesting ways:

“[It’s] an incredibly versatile surface finish tile in terms of strength and durability as well as the unique characteristics that offer a distinct style in any bathroom,” she says. “With a variety of designs, colours and styles from classic to contemporary, [terrazzo tiles] can be easily paired with a range of trending materials such as rustic timbers, earthy terracotta and even industrial-themed concrete. It’s a truly stunning tile that beautifully complements cabinetry and decor.”

“Terrazzo tiles were often used in mid-century designed spaces,” adds Joanne Newell.   “However, people are loving the variety of colours and designs that terrazzo tiles are offering these days. [They] are no longer just applied to mid-century spaces, but from contemporary to classic homes. It represents a durability and higher-end finish to a bathroom.”

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

ABI Interiors

Bathroom floor tiles can create stunning texture and durability too. As a result, they prove a persuasive interior design feature. Not only do they evoke an extra level of decorative beauty into your bathroom, but they are relatively easy to keep clean due to containing fewer of the usual nooks and crannies where grime can build up.

“Using floor tiles has significant advantages; it resists dirt and stains and wears much more effectively than any other product. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas and all wet zones, they are also functional and so easy to clean,” confirms Tina.

“The variety of design options available is endless when it comes to floor tiles — from size and shape to colour and finish, there is an incredibly broad spectrum. Another benefit to using floor tiles, especially ceramic, is that they are a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on style or practicality.” 

Help with Stimulating Bathroom Tile Ideas

ABI Interiors

To help spark some modern bathroom tiles ideas, why not book a complimentary design consultation with one of our friendly showroom staff.

For more inspo, read about Mosaic Bathroom Tiles: Adding Style To Your Space.

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