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5 Christmas Decoration Themes to Try This Season

ABI Interiors
Photos supplied by Michelle Nash


The season to be jolly offers an opportunity to temporarily transform your home — refreshing your space for yourself, your family, and any social soirees. However, festive themes evolve throughout the years, and keeping updated with the latest Christmas decor trends can be challenging. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of stepping back and matching Christmas decoration ideas with your existing interior design style. 

“As an interior designer, I understand that decorating for Christmas [...] offers a unique opportunity to blend festive cheer with our diverse range of home styles,” says Lisa Alward, principal designer at Bella Vie Interiors and the author of Beautiful Life. 

Indeed, each interior design style presents an opportunity to create a unique festive atmosphere corresponding to the home's aesthetics. 

From boho and Hamptons to Scandinavian Christmas decor, we've consulted design stylists to uncover effective methods for easily infusing the holiday spirit into your home this year. 

Boho Christmas Decor

ABI Interiors
Photos supplied by Abby Saylor
ABI Interiors


Boho can be a liberating interior design concept to embrace during the festive season.   This hybrid style combines diverse ideas without being confined to any particular concept, mixing opposites such as elegance and modernity with a more laidback approach.

“For the free-spirited Boho style, Christmas decor should be eclectic and vibrant. Think of incorporating a mix of textures and patterns that reflect a laid-back yet festive mood,” continues Lisa. “Use handmade macrame Christmas stockings and add a touch of sparkle with fairy lights draped over potted indoor plants. Decorate a live potted tree with a combination of handmade ornaments, tassels, and wooden beads.” 

Brooke Green of Blossom Design Studio, considers the colour potential of boho.  

“Bohemian Christmas decor embraces a lot of beige, browns, and tans. A burnt orange, burgundy or mustard can bring life into any space,” she says. “Spruce up your tree with dried pampas and dried orange slices. Moroccan rugs or vivid tapestries could double as a boho-chic tree skirt, adding a splash of colour and exotic flair to your holiday decor.”

ABI Interiors
Photo credit: blog la76 & christinamariablog
ABI Interiors


Samantha Odo, Real Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager at PreCondo, believes the kitchen is the heart of the home, and highlighting your boho-style kitchen island with a festive centrepiece would be the most practical approach. 

“Think about a bowl of shiny ornaments, a small Christmas tree, or a display of scented candles,” she says. “Coordinating kitchen towels and holiday-themed pot holders can add a touch of cheer without overwhelming the space. And, of course, don't underestimate the power of a beautifully set dining table with seasonal dinnerware and a centrepiece that ties in with the overall theme.” 

Minimalist Scandinavian Christmas Decor


With its clearly defined, traditionally white gleaming spaces, Scandi has a prestigious reputation. It’s perhaps unsurprising that this minimalistic design style blends easily with the traditional white Christmas aesthetic.

“Scandi styling is all about minimalism and natural beauty, which can be translated into Christmas decor by using simple, clean lines and a neutral palette,” Lisa continues. “For decor ideas, use white candles and pinecones for centrepieces, and decorate with homemade paper stars and snowflakes. Opt for a simple green tree adorned with white lights, wooden ornaments, and handmade ceramic decorations.” 

For Scandi, Brooke suggests discarding the traditional flashy baubles and instead opting for wooden or ceramic figurines and reinforcing the natural theme by sprinkling your simple Christmas decor with evergreen branches, pinecones, and other organic elements.

“It’s all about keeping it simple and sleek with a dash of nature's charm!” adds Brooke Green. “Embrace the magic of a minimalist colour palette of whites, greys, and natural tones to create a Nordic wonderland this Christmas.” 

Art Deco Christmas


Art Deco contrasts with the minimalistic styles of Scandi design, yet its characteristic symmetrical patterns and the predominantly gold and steel used throughout its decor can chime perfectly with the Christmas theme.  

“Dazzle up your tree with metallic ornaments and geometric shapes like hexagons and triangles,” says Brooke. “To add a touch of elegance, mix in some sleek black and white patterns. Reflect on the glitz and glam with mirrors scattered throughout, like mirrored trays and candle holders.” 

Have a Hamptons Christmas

ABI Interiors
Photo credit: Home Beautiful Aus
ABI Interiors


An aesthetic indulgence distinguishes Hamptons style interior design, which embraces bright, lush, elegantly spacious homes where brilliant white confidently showcases the interiors — the perfect setting for a winter wonderland. 

“Hamptons style is defined by light, breezy spaces with a touch of sophistication, so Christmas decor should be elegant yet understated,” says Lisa. “Use white and silver colour schemes with touches of soft blue. Incorporate sea-inspired elements like starfish and shells into wreaths and garlands.” 

For Hamptons Christmas decorations, Lisa suggests delicate glass baubles, wooden ornaments, and fairy lights, which will all contribute to a serene coastal feeling. 

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

ABI Interiors
Photo credit: ladydecluttered & livingetc
ABI Interiors


Farmhouse interior design also appears tailor-made for a cosy Christmas, with its warm, lived-in, inviting atmosphere and rustic appeal.

“Picture a combination of natural elements like pinecones, burlap, and wooden accents,” says Samantha. “A beautifully adorned Christmas tree in the living room, complemented by cosy plaid blankets and festive throw pillows, can instantly transform the space. Don't forget to sprinkle some fairy lights to add that magical touch.” 

Brooke complements Samantha’s aesthetic approach by making your home feel like a snug retreat this Christmas. 

“Embrace the cosy countryside with burlap and plaid accents for stockings and tree skirts,” she continues. “Give your tree a touch of old-world charm with vintage wooden ornaments. Turn your dinner table into a winter wonderland with rustic chalkboard signs and pinecone arrangements. Elevate the ambience with candlelit mason jar holders and galvanised metal containers.”  

Decorating your home with Christmas decoration ideas that correlate with your interior design style should be a fun and creative endeavour. For more interior design advice during the festive season, check out:

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