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18 Christmas Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

ABI Interiors

Whether you know someone who has moved into a home for the first or last time, the holiday period is the best opportunity to help them out with a few things to personalise their space. 

Ranging from ultra-practical to aesthetic touches, we’ve created a detailed Christmas gift guide that caters for each room of the home. If you have a new homeowner or interior enthusiast in your life, keep reading to inspire this year’s Christmas gift ideas.

*Please note: ABI Interiors are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this Christmas gift guide. They are merely suggestions to use at your discretion. 

General Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners


ABI Interiors
Toolbox via Amazon

Every home needs a toolbox, and for the new homeowner, it’s one of the most practical housewarming gifts they could get. It’s easier to pick a basic toolbox that can cover the necessities such as nails, screwdrivers, a spirit level, and a retractable tape measure. From there, they can build on what they need in the future.

Gift Card

ABI Interiors

For a Christmas gift idea that will never disappoint, a gift card is a dependable crowd-pleaser. While many think it is thoughtless, it can be a considerate present that truly helps a new homeowner obtain exactly what they need. Enquire about what they want, and purchase a gift card from a business that reflects that. 


ABI Interiors
Artwork by Tishk Barzanji

Art could be the perfect Christmas gift for new homeowners because decorating a fresh space can be difficult — and in some cases, an expensive task to undertake, especially if upsizing from their previous residence. Notice what styles they express in their home and find art that could complement that theme. 

Want to know why art is such an essential for everyday living? Read ‘The Five Benefits of Art in the Home’.


Living/Dining Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners

Coffee Table Book

ABI Interiors

Coffee table book from Accidentally Wes Anderson

For the stylish homeowner, gift home decor like a coffee table book for the living or dining area. They’re often a staple decor element in the home and a mode of artistic expression — relaying a person’s interests outwards. Many arts, design, photography, and travel publishers create their own coffee table books for purchase. Find one that the receiver would appreciate. 


Pottery Class

ABI Interiors

Instead of gifting dining wear and cutlery, give your loved ones a voucher to a pottery class instead! As a Christmas gift idea for new homeowners, it can be a sentimental activity that honours the start of a new era in their residence. They can create bespoke, one-off, and charmingly imperfect pieces to use in their home. Most suburbs have a pottery studio in their area, so just find one local to you. 

Table Linens

ABI Interiors

Table linens from Bed Threads

Table linens are a wonderful new home gift idea. They can help celebrate every special occasion, including next year’s Christmas, in style. Whether it’s a colourful tablecloth or placemats — table linens soften the space and are easy to clean. It isn’t something that every new homeowner may have, making it extra appreciated come Christmas Day. 


Kitchen Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners

Magnetic Knife Rack

ABI Interiors

Magnetic knife rack from ABI Interiors

For a more practical Christmas gift, a magnetic knife rack offers more storage in the kitchen while keeping knives at arm’s reach. Another positive is that they tend to preserve the sharpness of knives as they aren’t colliding in a drawer with other tools. Most knife racks like our Kenzo are wall-mounted and easily installable, so it’s not too much hard work for your recipient. 

If you need further information on the best kitchen accessories, read more here.

Air Fryer

ABI Interiors

Airfryer from Auspure

The air fryer never disappoints on Christmas Day and continues to be one of the most sought-after gifts for new homeowners. If your friend or family member doesn’t have one, this could be a great kitchen companion for them. It makes cooking food easier and simpler than the oven — especially for new homeowners whose inherited oven isn’t quite adept.

Cast-Iron Pan

ABI Interiors

Cast-iron pan from Lodge

Whether you know a culinary prodigy or a breakfast beginner, a cast-iron pan is a kitchen necessity. They differ from Teflon pans as heat is dispersed evenly throughout the utensil, cooking food comparatively better. They also retain heat well, requiring less power to keep the pan hot. For the new homeowner, this could be a special gift to use in their home for many years to come. 

Bathroom Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners

Soap Bottle Holder

ABI Interiors

Soap bottle holder from ABI Interiors

Help elevate a new homeowner’s bathroom with soap bottle holders. This practical Christmas gift idea is a small wall-mounted fixture with an opening to hold the neck of most soap bottles. As an example, explore our Lira range — coming in six different finishes to help suit any style. 


Robe Hooks

ABI Interiors

Robe hooks from ABI Interiors

For another easy bathroom upgrade, gift your new homeowner with some robe hooks. They’re simple to install and offer minimalistic storage options. There are many different designs and finishes to choose from, so carefully consider what style would work best in their bathroom. 

Bathroom Essentials Pack

ABI Interiors

Bathroom essentials pack from Aesop

Gift a bathroom bundle for your new homeowner to luxuriate their space. Bathroom essentials that double as a home decor gift are a superb Christmas gift idea as they combine practicality and beauty. They are the elements that truly make the bathroom feel like a sanctuary. 

Bedroom Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners

Silk Pillowcase

ABI Interiors
Silk pillowcases from Touché

Bedding is always a coveted Christmas gift idea, and silk pillowcases have been well-received for their many benefits. Silk absorbs less moisture than traditional pillowcase fabrics, allowing skincare to work better as face hydration is retained. It’s a deluxe gift for a new homeowner that makes their space feel a little special. 


Alarm Clock

ABI Interiors

Alarm clock by Loftie

It may seem old school, but an alarm clock can be a great gift for new homeowners. The trap of scrolling long into the night before bed can disrupt sleep patterns, but with an alarm clock, your phone isn’t required in the room. These days, there are many modern alarm clock designs that look fetching on a bedside table. 

Linen Spray

ABI Interiors

Linen spray from The Aromatherapy Co.

Keep their bedroom smelling fresh and uplifting with a linen spray.  A linen spray is sprayed onto bedding or apparel to neutralise odours and act as an air freshener. Scent is a crucial part of influencing or creating an experience in the home, so giving the bedroom a staple aroma can help them familiarise with their new environment.

Laundry Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners

Stylish Hamper

ABI Interiors

Laundry hamper from End.

The laundry is a space that’s sidelined when thinking about the gifts, but you can help brighten up the new homeowner’s space with a stylish hamper. With so many designs to choose from, this simple upgrade can make the space feel more integrated with the rest of the interior style. 

Eco-Friendly Laundry Starter Kit

ABI Interiors

Laundry starter kit from The Dirt Company

Get your new homeowner set up in the laundry with an eco-friendly starter kit. These are bundles of laundry liquid and reusable bottles that can be repurchased in future. A practical housewarming gift for Christmas never goes awry, especially when it keeps the environment in mind. 

Ironing Board Cover

ABI Interiors

Ironing board cover by  The Laundress

Ironing boards already aren’t the most aesthetic piece of equipment in the home, so gifting a fashionable ironing board cover for Christmas could make a new homeowner’s day. There are many designs to choose from — suiting the eclectic or minimalist and everything in between. 

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