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If you have entered a space that exudes a crisp nautical feel, it has probably been a Hamptons style kitchen.

Bright, fresh and inspired by the sea, the Hamptons trend is a beloved design in Australian homes. It’s a cohesive blend of traditional and contemporary features, with an underlying penchant for entertaining.

Adopting a Hamptons kitchen in your home invites a celebration of coastal life, bringing holiday warmth into your everyday experiences.

But to truly understand today’s appreciation of the Hamptons style, we have to go back in time.


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The Hamptons refers to a coastal region in New York, USA. In the 19th century, it was an isolated string of fishing settlements, where people were very salt of the earth, and homes were built just as humbly.

Residences were mainly beach shacks or farmhouses, which slowly transformed once a train line was built and connected the area to the mainland.

People from cities started to explore the Hamptons, and it quickly became a popular holiday destination. As wealth grew in the region, rural homes were renovated to cater to the influx of affluence.

That is why the Hamptons style we see today incorporates a blend of traditional and modern features.

Now that we have a general understanding of the style, it’s time to dive into our Hamptons style kitchen guide so you can recreate the coastal ambience in your home.


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Colour is one of the most important factors when setting the tone for a Hamptons kitchen.

White and bright is common when approaching the style, but what actually illuminates this point is contrast. If you were looking to highlight some hero pieces or sections of cabinetry, try opting for navy or greys to help bring about a nautical feel.

It enhances the coastal quality that the Hamptons style possesses while making the central theme of white even more brilliant.


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Carrying on from the previous section, contrast is essential. It’s what helps balance any intensity and is especially pleasing to the eye.

Since your Hamptons style kitchen will mainly be white with pops of colour, it’s best to opt for darker flooring. Light coloured flooring would diffuse the impact you want your space to have, as it doesn’t provide enough contrast.

When choosing materials, having timber or timber-looking floorboards is a fundamental part of a Hamptons kitchen. It ties into the traditional elements of the style’s history while being very durable for daily activities.

A medium tone like spotted gum or a darker tone like walnut would work great! Try wide planks in the traditional stacked fashion or a herringbone pattern for added texture.


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What almost singlehandedly establishes a Hamptons style kitchen? Shaker cabinetry. 

More specifically, the shaker profile is a recessed rectangular panel on the face of kitchen cabinet doors or drawers. It is renowned for its unpretentious and straightforward design, adding old-world charm to any space. 

Incorporating shaker cabinetry into your Hamptons kitchen design again references its traditional origins. 

Another style we have seen, mainly used on overhead cabinetry, is criss-cross glass doors. They add a slightly more country element, so if you were looking to make your Hamptons style kitchen a little classic, that is also a great option. 

Now, to make your cabinetry a little more modern and stylish all depends on what cabinetry pulls you choose! 

We would suggest either brushed gunmetal or matte black to add further contrast to your Hamptons style kitchen. If you were leaning to more brass finishes, brushed brass is a fantastic option. It’s modern yet coastal, the golden gleam bringing a sunny disposition into the space. 

As for cabinetry pull designs, a circular knob or a textured rectangular shape would work best. Our Elsa Cabinetry Knob and Myka Cabinetry Knob are two great round-shaped cabinetry pulls; it just depends on what size you want. Our Tezra Textured Cabinetry Pull features a lovely rectangular design for those that like angular styles, with a unique two-tone texture. 

All those cabinetry pulls come in the finishes aforementioned, and you can view our complete range here!


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A Hamptons style kitchen is very robust, sharp and sophisticated. It is uncommon to see round, soft benches.

As the Hamptons theme is about entertaining under the sun, an island bench connects you better with your guests.

Try adding a marble benchtop or a material with grain and veins to add some texture and enhance an elegant feel.


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In a modern Hamptons kitchen, your tapware is the architectural feature that helps bring the style into the present day. 

Sure, you can still choose provincial designs, but it may not provide enough balance between traditional and contemporary Hamptons elements—especially if you have opted for shaker cabinetry.

We suggest choosing tapware with a gooseneck arch or a square spout. 

Make sure to match your fixtures with your cabinetry pulls to unify the metal finishes in the space. 

Our pick for arched taps is the Elysian Kitchen Mixer or the Elysian Commercial Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer. The latter is the pull-out version of the Elysian, which optimises the efficiency of a double sink.

For square-shaped spouts and added modernity, our Eden Square Kitchen Mixer is an excellent option for a Hamptons style kitchen.


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Those attracted to a Hamptons kitchen are probably big on hosting at their house. And that’s why their kitchen needs to have a large sink. 

Not only is it better for washing up, but its bigger size makes an impressive impact in the space. 

For a modern Hamptons kitchen sink, a stainless steel bowl recessed into the benchtop would work well. Our Zalo Double Kitchen Sink comes in four different finishes, allowing you to match your cabinetry pulls and tapware. 

For a classic Hamptons look, you can’t go wrong with a farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks allow their thick bowl-front to be visible on the benchtop. They suit almost all styles of tapware and are a unique feature of any kitchen. Our Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink has a textured front and deep bowl, boosting efficiency and elegance. 

If you prefer a modern farmhouse sink, there are options too! Our Belfast Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is made from stainless steel and comes in four different colours to match your fixtures.


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If you’re stumped on how to tile your backsplash, the most straightforward idea is to copy your benchtop pattern.

But if you want to get creative, choose a lighter colour variation of the accent tone you have in the space. A light grey or a light blue tile would look beautiful in your Hamptons kitchen. Just ensure that the grout isn’t dark, so it still feels coastal.

As for tiling patterns, they can be very flexible. It’s up to your personal preference. Something like a herringbone design would feel more traditional, whereas a mosaic or subway pattern will convey a modern style.


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Hanging pendant lights are typical of a Hamptons kitchen.

Lighting is imperative in any kitchen, as it dictates the mood and is essential for functionality.

But to make your lighting a statement, make sure to update your fixtures. In keeping with the Hamptons style, opt for airy and coastal designs. Something too industrial or avant-garde would harden the ambience, lessening the holiday feel.

A glass shade with metal detailing or rattan would suit best.


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And for the most fun part: styling.

Details are the foundation of a Hamptons style kitchen, so choosing decor and furniture to support the theme will enhance your space.

For decor, pick items that are true to your personal style—no need to go overboard on the nautical or ocean decorations if that’s not what you like. Neutral vases with greenery and flowers freshen the room, and candles provide a homely soft light.

As for furniture, kitchen stools made from wood or rattan give a lovely earthy texture. Whether they’re light or dark is entirely up to you.

Decor and furniture that speaks a relaxed ambience will be the most successful choices in your Hamptons kitchen. It should feel like a holiday every day in your home!


Whether you need help designing a traditional or modern Hamptons style kitchen, our friendly team are always here to help. Their extensive knowledge of styles and ABI products make them well equipped for any query!

You can contact them here, or if you would like to directly book a design consultation just click on the link here.


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