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Kitchen Trends to Organise Your Space

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No matter the size of your kitchen, keeping it organised and free of clutter will enhance both the aesthetics and function of your space.

If you find yourself searching endlessly for Tupperware lids or doubling up on spices you thought were missing, it’s time to give your kitchen some attention.

All it takes is a few kitchen organisation ideas to turn the hub of your home into a more efficient and appealing area. From the pantry to the fridge and everywhere in between, we explore the latest kitchen trends below.

In the Pantry

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There’s no better way to start your pantry organisation than with a stocktake of your supplies. This is the time to throw out expired items and half-open packets that have since gone stale.

Transfer remaining dry foods, such as cereals, pasta, and baking supplies, into reusable jars or containers. This is an eco-friendly option for those who buy in bulk, allowing you to reduce the amount of packaging in your purchases.

We also suggest writing the contents and expiration date on the back of the jar — a wine glass pen or adhesive labels will do the trick! When foods are accurately labelled and organised, it makes it easier to take an inventory of your kitchen so you know exactly what you need when shopping next.

This will also contribute to reducing waste; when you know a container’s expiry date and what the contents are, you’ll be less likely to double up or forget about its shelf-life. 

Don’t forget to place the ingredients you use most often in the easiest-to-reach places.

In the Fridge

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Image sourced from Nature Fresh Farms

Fridge organisation calls for the same cleanse as your pantry — chances are you’ll find sauce bottles or condiment jars that need clearing out, freeing up some much-needed space.

When it comes to storing leftovers, silicone covers are an excellent replacement for single-use plastic wrap. They’re readily available in kitchen and homeware stores and perfect for sealing dishes, bowls, cans, and cups. 

You can also find beeswax food wraps in health food stores to cover your containers or keep your sandwiches safe as you transit to the office. To make packing up after a meal more efficient, store these near the fridge for fast access.

In the Cupboards and Drawers

ABI Interiors
Image sourced from In Honour of Design

Begin your kitchen cupboard organisation by decluttering your cabinets. Remove every item and assess whether you still need it. When did you last use the juicer that’s taking up a third of your cupboard space? If an appliance hasn’t been used in the last 12 months, we recommend selling or donating it to someone who can make the most of it. 

As a general rule, organise all your items into cupboards or drawers close to where their function is performed — for example, pots and pans should live next to the stovetop. 

It’s also helpful to consider what you place on top of your benches. Put away appliances that you seldom use — if you only have toast once a fortnight, do you need the toaster sitting out at all times? We suggest tucking it away in a cabinet and then pulling it out when needed, which will encourage a more minimalistic space.

Food containers are notorious for getting out of control — try placing a couple of tension rods inside your drawer or cabinet as compartments to keep lids upright and organised. You can also keep an unruly water bottle collection together by stacking them in magazine files for a handy kitchen storage hack.

Finally, a drawer organiser is a no-nonsense way of storing silverware, measuring spoons, and other small, narrow utensils. Simply place the organiser in the drawer and sort your utensils into specified spots. Look for a drawer organiser that is convertible, allowing you to change the size of the organiser depending on the size of the drawer.

On the Walls

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Your walls offer more opportunities for kitchen storage ideas. Large wooden knife blocks may be practical, but they cost you prime real estate on your kitchen benchtop or in your pantry. Instead, a wall-mounted magnetic knife rack is the perfect accessory for storing your essential cooking utensils, welcoming the feeling of luxury in the most unsuspecting way.

Adding open shelves to your walls can also offer visual and functional benefits. They give you a place to display decorative dinnerware, glasses, or even plants, while also creating extra storage space when you’re lacking room in your kitchen cabinets.

Around the Sink

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The area around the kitchen sink can quickly become chaotic, inviting dishes and cloths to easily accumulate.

A stainless steel dish rack or sink drainer are elegant alternatives to their plastic counterparts, coming in a variety of finishes to match your surrounding fixtures. They’ll keep your plates, bowls, and cups perfectly organised as they dry.

There are also a number of ways to maximise space under your kitchen sink. These include adding hanging space for your clothes or paper towels with a multipurpose holder, optimising your lighting, and enhancing the efficiency of your rubbish bin.

These are just a few current kitchen trends to help you create an appealing, high-performance space. We hope they’ll spark many more of your own ideas, no matter how big or small your kitchen may be.


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