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Sometimes washing space is an unavoidable issue. Accommodating the bulky requirements of a washing machine and an often equally sized dryer can be problematic, particularly when your home doesn’t have a room dedicated to the sometimes space-consuming functions of a laundry. This is where laundry bathroom combos come into play.

Fortunately, we’ve considered some small bathroom laundry combo ideas that should alleviate any space concerns without sacrificing the aesthetic integrity of your interiors. So, let’s look at the virtues of a combined laundry and bathroom and explore some ideas on how to get the design right for you.


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Perhaps the smartest way to maintain a combined bathroom laundry is to conceal it. This would be mainly attributable to small bathroom and laundry room combo designs where space efficiency is paramount.

The best way to implement such a design method is to consider placing your laundry appliances behind bi-fold doors that can completely disguise your units when not in use. Opt for stackable units to free up even more space and consider specially designed wardrobes to hide them away. These small bathroom laundry room combo ideas are particularly appealing if you think washing tech is an eyesore that gets in the way of the look of your bathroom. This way, you’re combining the two rooms into one space without them intruding on one another.


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Due to the relative efficiency of a laundry, you don’t need to dedicate ample floor space for its functionality. Depending on your area, sometimes it’s merely a matter of bordering off a corner or other small section of your bathroom that can be dedicated to laundry matters.

This is where a cavity sliding door or wall divider could work wonders for separating the two areas relatively evenly without sacrificing valuable washing space. Just ensure that there’s enough room allocated for your cupboard and unit openings. Also, try incorporating a drying rack that’s mounted on the ceiling for clothes hanging convenience. A bit of clever positioning works wonders here.


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An alternative method to keeping your interior spaces split is to consider the wonders of a little seamless integration. Combining the individual washing room purposes into one by being smart with your space and choosing cabinetry that helps to blend that integration presents a flush visual appearance.

Also, consider some multipurposing. By choosing fixtures and fittings that work in both spaces, you can essentially create more space and achieve that laundry bathroom combo effortlessly. If you positioned the laundry sink strategically, it could function as a hand wash basin, too, alleviating the need for an additional sink, for example. For the ultimate in integration, unit tops can work this way too.


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Getting your laundry kitchen combo correct doesn’t have to be fine art. However, you need to know a bit about applying a touch of simplicity to achieve the best results. Minimalism is often best as you’ll get to bring out the best worlds in both spaces by focusing on the essentials. By reducing clutter, you can dedicate more room to either area.

We recommend opting for a simpler style of cabinetry like the VJ if you want to uphold a seamless style throughout your space. Wall mirrors would also help maintain the continuous blend, while, as mentioned, an ample sized laundry sink works well in a combo due to the multi-purposing it encourages. Also, with bathroom laundry combo layouts, you should take advantage of a corner space by blending the countertops between the two spaces and consider some feature tiles or mosaics to add a touch of distinction.


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Above all, keep your combo space smart. The last thing you want is the mess of one area to intrude negatively upon the other. Laundry rooms tend to be a hive for a heap of dirty clothes slowly accumulating on the floor. If you want to maintain a bathroom laundry combo layout that works, you need to ensure smartness is a top priority.

Keep your floors clear by tucking washing baskets in your cabinetry or beneath your bathroom vanity and hang or pack other amenities away by using any built-in storage or towel rails. Single or Double Towel Rails, Heated Towel Rails and Robe Hooks have been designed for this clear-away convenience too.


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Accomplishing the ultimate laundry bathroom combo is made easier when you speak to experts. Our team of professionals are available to help you select the best laundry and bathroom colour schemes and get your interior look right. Book a free design consultation directly here.

We have a broad range of fixtures and fittings available in brushed brass, brushed nickel, brushed gunmetal, brushed copper, matte black, white, and traditional chrome to help your laundry bathroom or laundry powder room combo appear flush and seamless.

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