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New Year 2023: New Home Renovation Goals

A new year can often mean a fresh start, so what better way to encourage this uplifting outlook than to renew your home space? Perhaps you have been putting off your home renovation plans all year. The holidays are the perfect time to reconsider that reno strategy and successfully implement it throughout the new year.

We explore some new year goals, from minor cosmetic changes to major structural modifications, including planning a renovation, which you can set today to undertake in 2023.

1. Consider a Cosmetic Home Renovation

ABI Interiors

Sometimes a purely cosmetic renovation can be enough to rejuvenate your space. Compared to structural changes, they are certainly more economical and create a refreshed look with a lot less effort.

So, before undergoing anything too drastic, consider repainting your walls, refreshing your tired furniture, revamping your fittings and fixtures or undertaking some lighting adjustments.

Why not go from room to room first and carefully scan your space to get a feel for what relatively minor amendments can be made, along with any other aspects that might need a refresh. Speaking of which…

2. Refresh Your Tapware

ABI Interiors

Part of your cosmetic refresh could entail refreshing your kitchen, bathroom and laundry tapware, along with any accessories by selecting a new finish. It’s surprising how much of a transformation can be accomplished in the home when you refresh your tired tapware with something eye-catching and contemporary.

Consider the benefits of swapping your existing bathroom sink tapware, kitchen tapware and accessories with something truly transforming.

Tapware at ABI Interiors is available in up to seven different finishes, including brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, stainless steel, matte black, white and chrome. Why not colour-coordinate your tapware and accessories with one of these stunning colours to refresh your bathroom and kitchen?

Check out our Shop The Look gallery for some superb inspo.

3. Book a Design Consultation

ABI Interiors

We hear you: the mere thought of a home reno can be overwhelming. Ideas don’t just drop out of the sky, and sometimes it pays to get some outside help to bring your vision closer to reality.

Why not book a design consultation with our team? They will guide you through the options that strategically incorporate some of our unique product range.

4. Introduce Biophilic Design

ABI Interiors

The therapeutic benefits of biophilic design (infusing the natural world into your home) cannot be overstated. Connecting with nature significantly improves our mental state. It is said to help reduce stress and increase our productivity, while plants also help purify the air.

By bringing some organic colour into our space through the power of plants, you will help heighten the mood, too, while the natural smells will also make you feel more at ease and connected to the outside world.

5. Consider the Full Home Facelift

ABI Interiors

Perhaps you envisioned your home renovation project as something a little more substantial. Don’t be afraid to think big and go for broke (not literally, see number 1 of our 5 Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them) if that is the case. If your kitchen would become more impactful as an open-plan space or your bathroom needs some love, then these could be within your grasp with the proper planning and foresight.

ABI Interiors offers a range of inspirational freestanding baths to choose from that will liven your space. Similarly, our sophisticated variety of kitchen fittings, fixtures, and accessories can help to enhance your new open-plan kitchen and give it the attention it deserves.


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